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Reviews of CVS Pharmacy Hours on Sunday

Jack O’Neal: So pretty clothes i like here, what brand of jeans makes me look thin is this one "topshop", every time i come here can get the clothes i like. my friends also like it too much, we come to the shop every month.

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CVS Pharmacy Hours on Weekdays Reviews

Barbara Aldridge: I placed a two item online order with CVS Pharmacy Hours online before Christmas as a present for my son and DIL in Texas.  One item was back ordered which was no problem….it’s a late January birthday present.  The other item was shipped right away, to the wrong address…my address in CA.  Then on January 1, the back ordered item was canceled.  The e-mail said I could talk to someone between 6 and 12 AM, but when I called at 8, and worked my way through the unfriendly call tree, the recording said not open until 9.  When I finally got a live person, I learned the order was canceled because they didn’t know if I still wanted the item and didn’t want to hold my payment…..but they hadn’t charged me, and why not ask me before canceling… explanation.  So I replaced the order.  Then they asked me to write a review promising a chance at a $1000 drawing if I did….so I wrote the review, then learned that the drawing had already taken place in November. It’s obvious CVS Pharmacy Hours doesn’t have their online act together.  I asked to speak to a supervisor after replacing the order….got transferred to a voice mail… call back three days so far.  Caveat emptor!.

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CVS Pharmacy Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Sam Wilkinson: I bought some beautiful, hand-dyed, yarn but made a mess trying to put it into a ball for my knitting project. The staff at CVS Pharmacy (where I bought the yarn) kindly unwound the skein for me, although it took Jim over a day of precious time between customers. Thank you so much! This is a great store!

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