Dairy Queen Wyoming Reviews

Reviews of Dairy Queen Wyoming Closing Hours

Helen Robertson: Such a cool place for brunch. The patio in the back is amazing. I had the slow cooked eggs with sausage and it was amazing. The strawberry fields cocktail was perfect as well.

Byron Lambert: This spot is my go-to when I want to have a good time without feeling the need to try something new. The menu here never fails me and the consistency of great food and service is another reason to always come back. But what really gets me coming back all the time is their Strawberry Fields cocktail that is an irreplaceable find in SF.

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Dairy Queen Wyoming Hours Close Reviews

Anthony Benson: Dairy Queen was a great experience. The food what beyond words. This was a great place to get lots of great food. The bacon Mac was amazing! The pretzel braid was a must!! It was love at first bite. The wedge salad was great. There was just the right amount of dressing. Also the dressing itself was great. After hearing about the Chicken Pot pie on the Food channel I decided to pack up the judges (kiddos) and take a drive to San Francisco. I expected it to be good… But I did not expect it to be amazing! Even tho the atmosphere was not kid friendly the manager and service was!!!! I give this restaurant 5 + stars for great drinks, amazing food, and exceptional service. Defiantly coming back without the judges!

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Dairy Queen Wyoming Hours on Weekend Reviews

Gloria Pride: Recently discovered the happy hour that Dairy Queen is offering…. Half off bottles of wine and a discounted food menu.  Inviting atmosphere, great food, friendly service and a killer backyard….  Can’t wait to go back!!!

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Dairy Queen New Jersey Reviews

Dairy Queen New Jersey Schedule Reviews

Daisy Lane: Some of the best thai food in the city, with a great variety of dishes. The restaurant is small considering how good the food is, but the ambiance (bamboo hut) is perfect. Very attentive staff and friendly hostess. Even better food than the 9th and Irving location and its easier to park.

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Dairy Queen New Jersey Operating Time Reviews

David Ball: My wife talked only of their shio ramen, so I was prepared to just order this.  To my surprise, they had a whole offering of different flavors with miso and shoyu.  A hatsutaiken, as a Katana-ya virgin, I already had my heart set on the shio.  My choice was the regular sappari (light) shio.  My wife got the kotteri (thick) stuff and we waited in anticipation.  The sushi bar wasn’t being utilized as all the patrons were set on slurping noodles.  When it arrived the first thing I did was hit the piping hot soup.  Very hot and the sei-abura (pork back fat) swimming in the renge (spoon) was an excellent match for the salt/uodashi (fish?) broth.  I knew that if I waited too long to inhale the noodles, they would become too soft.  Thus, I sprang into action.  Pull, slurp, drink the soup (repeat). Enjoying this total zen state of consumption of the contents of the bowl after finishing sweat had formed on my brow.  Glad I just swallowed a days worth of sodium there. 

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Reviews of Dairy Queen New Jersey Hours Tomorrow

Jack Pierce: WOW…if you’re a meat eater, you’ve got to try it.  they do have a salad bar for vegetarians, but it’s the meats that you’ve to to try.  they had beef, pork, chicken and even lamb and all that meat was flame broiled.  very tasty…unfortunately, if you’re prone to gout, eat gingerly if you can…yummy food.

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Dairy Queen Iowa Reviews

Dairy Queen Iowa Hours Close Reviews

Thomas Gibson: Ummm…can you say Pecan Roll?? Freaking delicious! Im not a fan of pecans per se, but when my boyfriend came back home one day with this in a little baggie I fell in love…with the roll, not him :p I decided I must check this bakery out for myself. Turns out they’re really popular. The line was a nice chunky size of people waiting in line for what I assumed were the Pecan Rolls. But I was wrong. Most people left with pizza!! I decided to get  a pizza as well as a pecan roll to bring home to my bf, except that by the time I got home, there was no pecan roll left, only pizza, but he was excited nonetheless!!

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Dairy Queen Iowa Hours on Friday Reviews

Jacob Clarke: Went to SF on vacation and friends had told me about this place since I’m a big burger and beer fan. We had reservations on a busy Saturday night which was smart since the place was packed. I ordered the pork sliders which were served  on sweet bread and a burger for dinner. Both were to die for and left me little room for my 750ml Fantome beer which was so refreshing. The service was top notch and the decor felt like an old libary which was fun. I took a look before we left at the back patio which was filled with good looking people enjoying themselves. Great time and great food.

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Reviews of Dairy Queen Iowa Hours on Black Friday

Judith Wright: Their scone is my FAVORITE.  I’m usually hesitant to order one although I LOVE it, because I like my scones rich and moist, and this was done perfectly.  With a real big fruit in the middle, it was such a treat and a perfect quick stop during the day along with a cup of latte.

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CVS Pharmacy Texas Reviews

CVS Pharmacy Texas Hours on Friday Reviews

Charles York: I got my cartilage pierced at CVS Pharmacy and it was great! The place was clean and well lit, my piercer Sam was nice and relaxing. I had heard that cartilage hurt a bunch, but it wasn’t bad at all. The jewelry was nice and pretty inexpensive. All of the staff that helped me were really nice and friendly. This is a great place to go!

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CVS Pharmacy Texas Hours on Christmas Eve Reviews

Juniper Powel: I got my tattoo a while back with Bob, who was very helpful with refining my design to fit my back. Everyone was very polite and professional (even though they were eating pie) and the place was pretty clean. I’d definitely recommend this place for a tattoo.

Carol Pearson: Alex helped me with my piercing at the shop! I walked in there with a very sad and red nose! (I tried to fit a piercing in my nose that was not right on my own) I walked in and was greeted with her beautiful smile and friendly manner! She was very eager to help me out, choose a new ring and even put it in my nose for me!!! I had fun and cant wait to come back and get some more piercings by my new friend Alex  and the shop is very clean and well staffed with other people!

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CVS Pharmacy Texas Hours on New Year’s Eve Reviews

Chris Flynn: I thought CVS Pharmacy was incredibly affordable for what I had done today, which was a nostril piercing.  Paul and the rest of the staff were incredible!  I was nervous and they made me feel very secure and comfortable.  I would highly recommend CVS Pharmacy for piercings!

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CVS Pharmacy Reviews

<> If you still don’t know where to shop around, CVS Pharmacy Reviews will give you a straight answer./>

Reviews of CVS Pharmacy Hours on Sunday

Jack O’Neal: So pretty clothes i like here, what brand of jeans makes me look thin is this one "topshop", every time i come here can get the clothes i like. my friends also like it too much, we come to the shop every month.

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CVS Pharmacy Hours on Weekdays Reviews

Barbara Aldridge: I placed a two item online order with CVS Pharmacy Hours online before Christmas as a present for my son and DIL in Texas.  One item was back ordered which was no problem….it’s a late January birthday present.  The other item was shipped right away, to the wrong address…my address in CA.  Then on January 1, the back ordered item was canceled.  The e-mail said I could talk to someone between 6 and 12 AM, but when I called at 8, and worked my way through the unfriendly call tree, the recording said not open until 9.  When I finally got a live person, I learned the order was canceled because they didn’t know if I still wanted the item and didn’t want to hold my payment…..but they hadn’t charged me, and why not ask me before canceling…..no explanation.  So I replaced the order.  Then they asked me to write a review promising a chance at a $1000 drawing if I did….so I wrote the review, then learned that the drawing had already taken place in November. It’s obvious CVS Pharmacy Hours doesn’t have their online act together.  I asked to speak to a supervisor after replacing the order….got transferred to a voice mail…..no call back three days so far.  Caveat emptor!.

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CVS Pharmacy Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Sam Wilkinson: I bought some beautiful, hand-dyed, yarn but made a mess trying to put it into a ball for my knitting project. The staff at CVS Pharmacy (where I bought the yarn) kindly unwound the skein for me, although it took Jim over a day of precious time between customers. Thank you so much! This is a great store!

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Cricket Wireless Wisconsin Reviews

Cricket Wireless Wisconsin Hours Open Reviews

Bruno Bishop: I called Cricket Wireless to tell them my internet service was very slow they never mentioned to me they had a faster new modem. I have the 2Wire modem which they don’t use anymore. I have been with Cricket Wireless for seven years. I have Comcast cable because DirecTV was awful. When it rains, there’s no cable.

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Cricket Wireless Wisconsin Working Hours Reviews

William Carson: Over the past couple of years, someone had changed Ms. *** phone to be billed for a complete pkg because she did not know what they were asking (has Alzheimer’s). I paid this for a while but then she was transferred to a Nursing Home. I phoned and had them drop everything to a basic plan with the $5 plan for long distance just in case any one was at her home and needed to use the phone. This was supposed to be $14 for basic plus the $5 which has now made her bill $34 which now means taxes and such are more than the bill. This is crazy. Last month the bill was $31. We do not have state taxes and taxes do not go up every month. This is a rip off especially for the aged.

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Reviews of Cricket Wireless Wisconsin Hours on Christmas Eve

Ethan Harmon: Two days ago, I submitted an application online for new Cricket Wireless wireless service. My contract with my current provider was over and even though I liked them, Cricket Wireless had a cheaper data plan. I had trouble getting the application processed on line, I kept getting error messages but it finally went through. Actually, it went through twice and I had two order. I called to correct this and with much difficulty, got one cancelled. The rep said one was cancelled because Equifax could not confirm I was who I said I was.

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Cricket Wireless North Carolina Reviews

Cricket Wireless North Carolina Closing Time Reviews

George Fox: They are thugs. They contract you for a price. Once locked in then nickel and diming. Like the airlines. Send you a GIFT then send you a bill.

Dorothy Mitchell: I started with Cricket Wireless years ago and I live in the high desert and get great service and saving $32.00 a month. I switched to Verizon on a deal at Costco which was good, then prices went up and I switched back to Cricket Wireless.

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Cricket Wireless North Carolina Hours on Friday Reviews

Davis Sparks: I had a landline account with Cricket Wireless associated with a business I purchased. I called with questions about the account. A rep named Lazarius took the call. He sold me on a bogo offer to change my Sprint account to Cricket Wireless. He gave me a lower monthly rate and 2 free phones with purchase of 2. I ordered my phones. When they came I was being billed for all phones. I called Cricket Wireless again. They said I would get a credit for 2 free phones on the third bill. Now Cricket Wireless is saying the phones I ordered are not eligible for the bogo I was sold. I had been with Sprint about 10 years, instead of saving money I lost in excess of 1000.00. Worst decision I ever made. Very unhappy Cricket Wireless customer. I was cheated and lied to.

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Cricket Wireless North Carolina Hours on Columbus day Reviews

Gabriel Watson: I tell everybody about Cricket Wireless I will never switch to no one else ever. They have the best service ever, the best rates, the best customer service.

Valerie Hutchinson: I have had Cricket Wireless for 3 years and They do a pretty good job, I rarely have a dropped call and haven’t had to call for help since I have used them. I don’t have a account of my own but use one of my neighbors lines and pay her.

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Cricket Wireless Arizona Reviews

Cricket Wireless Arizona Working Hours Reviews

Brian Stevenson: They don’t actually follow through with the promos that they lure you in with. When you transfer from one company to another, they look for loopholes in order to minimize the amount of the "rebates" they have to pay to the consumer.

Mick Dive: Generally speaking, Cricket Wireless has been pretty good to work with. Sometimes, the phone support doesn’t give me the same answer that the people in the store do but this has been easy to remedy.

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Cricket Wireless Arizona Closing Time Reviews

Howard Stanley: For the last six months and beyond that Cricket Wireless U-verse has been billing me for changes which I did not request them for. Have to go online to protest the bill and the charges that were unfair made. Each time I spent anywhere from 1 hr or more to get billing and credits like they were when I enter the contract. Cricket Wireless DirecTV has 28 million customers and have a bad reputation of fraudulent billing practices. If they overcharge 1.00 every month to rewards them with a 28 million dollars windfall in revenue. The consumer has no options in this matter but to make a complaint. And they still want you to honor the contract. Why they just keep doing the same thing each month. I am tire of the **. I have 3 months left on my contract but I am filing this complaint because I know that they are going to bill me for the rest of the time which is unfair because they are the one that broke the contract.

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Reviews of Cricket Wireless Arizona Hours on Black Friday

Dorothy Mitchell: Cricket Wireless offers great service and very reliable but as others catch up they are becoming challenged as they are still very pricey. Their best customer service is still obtained in person at a company store.

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