Costco Optical Iowa Reviews

Costco Optical Iowa Hours Open Reviews

Malcolm Bonnet: I love this Gallery!!!   I love the variety and the prices.  Also, they have been great about selling my consigned pieces and paid me promptly on the 10th of the month. I highly recommend visiting their showrooms and using them to sell your items.  I tried selling my items on craigslist but only got responses from scammers. Also, it’s great that they took my items and I don’t have them in my new home and have room to buy new and better things, especially from Design Plus!

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Costco Optical Iowa Hours on New Year’s Eve Reviews

Chris Thompson: The best store if you are looking to buy a cool shoes in the bay area. The owner is friendly and helpful if you will find you’re correct size he is very willing to give help to get the correct size for you.

Catherine Kelley: I remember going to Costco Optical in the East Coast and wished there was one here. They have so many stylish clothes at reasonable prices. The staff have been very nice here and the location in perfect because it’s just mere steps from the Powell station.

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Costco Optical Iowa Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Nora Arnold: Lovely shop of beautiful knits and accessories. Dorothy, Jane’s sister and store manager, is an amazing stylist and wardrobe professional. She quickly determined the best styles and colors for me. She only recommends what looks good on me. If only all professionals were as capable and motivated as Dorothy! You will be glad you shop with Dorothy. Jane’s clothing and accessories have a casual yet understated elegant feel. Everything is of the nicest quality. Dorothy has helped me to look my best.  It is a privilege to have her guidance and help. Amazing personalized service. Her shop is a jewel box!

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Costco Deli Tennessee Reviews

Costco Deli Tennessee Hours Open Reviews

Donald Shepherd: Large selection, fun shopping experience, but what is up with the music? I found lots of cute and affordable clothes here. It’s great. Lots of turnover and always something new here. Yes, it’s in the busy part of town, but totally worth going through the crowds.

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Costco Deli Tennessee Hours Open Reviews

Clinton Thornton: This is a place for fashionable cloths. Sizes runs one size down so be sure to try it on before you purchase it. Customer service wasn’t that happy. I was been send to different sales associate for 3 times just to check on size availability.  Overall I still shop here again for there cool clothes.

Mark Shaw: I have always been a fan of H and M . I went to their other stores. However, the reason why I did not give them 5 stars, is because some of the people who work there are so rude, and don’t help out, and they also talk to their friends while ignoring you. That’s what happened to the one at the main center in downtown sf. Don’t want to go there again.

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Costco Deli Tennessee Hours on Weekend Reviews

Emil Shelton: Dope shop they got all the latest heat from yeezy to jays.. dude came thru with spacejams for me and they were 100% legit, no faulty business! I came late to the shop and he sold his last size 20 but promised to make something happen and drop them off to me the next day. And that’s exactly what he did! Real customer care! Highly recommend everybody to shop there for the latest and greatest #DREAMTEAM

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Costco Deli North Dakota Reviews

Costco Deli North Dakota Closing Time Reviews

Mark Lang: I 100% recommend this place, so much so that I made an account just to say so.  My company decided to throw a Victorian themed party, and since my wardrobe consists almost entirely of jeans and t-shirts, I had no idea where to even start. John, (the owner) spent about half an hour helping me put together an outfit that fit well and looked great; I would have been at a complete loss without her help.  The rental process was perfect for my needs, and allowed me to get a great set of clothes on a relatively modest budget.

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Costco Deli North Dakota Hours on Sunday Reviews

Jean McKinney: What an amazing store, there clothing selection is crazy awesome!!! Compared to the other stores on the street this place was the biggest and the brightest. So you go in, and athough at first glance the price on everything is high, the key here is to **bargain** specifically with THE OWNER (!!) she is the only one that can change the prices, she is the way to get the price a little more down for something that you want. She says no first, but, if you’re persistent and hold out…maybe even flirt a little (wink wink nudge nudge) she’ll come around if you stand your ground and stay at it! I was so in love with so many things, I can’t wait to return here and see what else it has to offer! 😉

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Reviews of Costco Deli North Dakota Hours on New Year’s Eve

Patricia Bradford: Unbelievable service.  Worked for hours with us.  Kept one model and took home and completed and returned next day.  FAB, wonderful, delightful, good prices, helpful, knowledgable…Thank you.

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Costco Deli Georgia Reviews

Costco Deli Georgia Closing Hours Reviews

Bill Matthews: Got to Love cheap prices.  Nice selection of earrings and bangles.  Cute ass clothes and what a deal they are.  I wish they had a desenct dressing room area.  Hate lines.

Robert Greene: I love Costco Deli. It’s not cheap, but I don’t want cheap. It’s not designer level, but I can’t afford designers. Cost wise it’s just right for me.

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Costco Deli Georgia Hours on Saturday Reviews

Barbara Stapleton: If you have any foot problems or have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable you MUST see John at Costco Deli. He is the most expert person I have ever met. He can fix or find just about anything to make you be happy in your shoes. Customer service is outstanding. Forget about going downtown for chic shoes that are also comfortable – CITISHOES IS THE PLACE TO GO.

Jack Drew: Awesome place!  Purchased a vintage dining room table which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Furnishings well displayed.  Spacious setting.  Lovely pieces.  Raul was extremely helpful.  Fair prices.

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Reviews of Costco Deli Georgia Hours Today

Sally Newton: Came here to get an engagement ring re-sized on Thursday at which time they told us it would be available for pick up Friday, and at the latest Saturday, with a due date of Sunday on the slip. Called Friday and they had no record of the ring ever being completed. Called again Saturday and they told us 3 times to call back in an hour and check again. As things turned out they hadn’t even sent it off to be re-sized yet at that point. They then told us that the earliest they could get it back by is Tuesday if we still wanted it re-sized. Worst customer service experience ever. I don’t care if it was a simple mistake of putting it in the wrong bin, you don’t mess up someone’s engagement like that.

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Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Reviews

Reviews of Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Schedule

Helen Atkinson: I have a sister and a very good friend that ordered home phone service from Comcast Service Center. They both told me similar stories. Their phones never worked and when they cancelled, were treated very rudely. Then on top of that, they were billed for something they never got. After refusing to pay as a matter of principle, their accounts were turned over to collections. Now their credit is ruined and they get harassing calls. Both of these people are disabled and don’t deserve or need this kind of abuse. I look out for them and this the reason for this complaint. One is my sister and the other I met while at a homeless shelter. My friend left with a baby that was born while at the shelter. At her new residence, she tried to get a home phone and Comcast Service Center added to her struggles.

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Reviews of Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Hours of Operation

Godfrey Daniels: My new Blackberry phone quit working; it has no power.  I called Comcast Service Center and complained.  They said that it needed upgrade software which we spend hours on phone trying to do that but it didn’t help.  They said that they will send another phone.  I received new phone without battery, still no power, and went to battery store and asked them to check battery; they said that the battery is bad.  Well, I need the phone so I purchased battery with my money and it works. 

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Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Douglas Doyle: I have been without incoming service for five days and it’s not because of my bill.  I pay on time and don’t carry a balance.  The incompetence of the workers who have handled my problem have made my problem seem unsolvable.  Customer service agents says that it’s the Repair Service Bureau and the Repair Service says it’s the office.  To top it off, every other agent I spoke with was rude and snappy. 

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Comcast Service Center New York Reviews

Comcast Service Center New York Hours on Weekdays Reviews

Richard Hancock: The service is bad for the money I’m paying. Sometimes I can’t even send a text massage with the iPhone 4s. Comcast Service Center and iPhone 4s put them together is a trash, which I’m stuck for two years. They charge $350 for cancellation for the phone because they are not good. Please Comcast Service Center give me a better service for my money. And Apple, stop making a 3G phone. I’m sure the other phone company is working on the 5G. I know you’re thinking about the 4G.

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Comcast Service Center New York Hours on Black Friday Reviews

Chad Walton: I decided to switch carriers from Comcast Service Center to T-Mobile and paid off my phone, no balances owed. I got a new T-Mobile SIM card today and went through the Comcast Service Center web instructions in requesting an unlock code. To my disappointment, I was emailed it would take 48 hours to provide the code. For a multi-billion dollar corporation I found this to be unacceptable. I called Comcast Service Center customer support and told them I would be out of a phone (Service) for 2 days if I have to wait that long. They including the supervisor could do nothing to expedite the process. I find it appalling Comcast Service Center can quickly activate a new line for a new customer but someone who has given them years of business and paid every dime, would take 2 days to unlock a phone. Very disappointed.

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Comcast Service Center New York Hours Today Reviews

Ken Rice: I am heartbroken and sad! I have had Comcast Service Center wireless for most of my adult life. I had always been happy with it all and have felt a tie to the company. My mother worked for Comcast Service Center for several years before she died, and they even named a cell phone tower in her honor.

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Comcast Service Center Louisiana Reviews

Comcast Service Center Louisiana Closing Hours Reviews

Elvin Robinson: A little too expensive for the service but if I go to the physical store, service is very satisfactory. If I call in, forget it, not very good service at all. Also, (biggest complaint) their billing sucks. I have to "call in" almost monthly to get my bill corrected (Same with the UVerse or DirecTV) and they usually get things straight in the end, but I don’t like calling in and for sure every month.

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Comcast Service Center Louisiana Operating Hours Reviews

Winfred Hard: I absolutely love Comcast Service Center. They have always worked with us about every aspect of the service. Excellent communication and caring staff. Helped me with plans, new phones, ability to pay and service questions. I have been with Comcast Service Center for about 12 years now and I have no intentions on leaving this company or accepting some other companies’ schemes to get you to leave your provider and then, next thing you know your bill is not what you wanted or what you agreed to.

Joel Hubbard: Comcast Service Center my phone works everywhere. Simply the best. I highly recommend them as a provider for phone, TV, Internet.

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Comcast Service Center Louisiana Hours on Columbus day Reviews

Agnes Burke: I cannot even get a phone with Comcast Service Center. They canceled my order cause they could not find my DIRECTV account. When I call them they have my account and phone number but I still cannot sign into or register my account cause the computer cannot find my account. So what do think about that. I even told them I was having trouble but they don’t hear me. They go create a account I cannot cause it skips my phone number and account number out. They have not fixed it yet and it’s been 5 days. And that is my problem.

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Chipotle Wisconsin Reviews

Chipotle Wisconsin Closing Time Reviews

Diana Charleston: Chipotle is a MUST DO while in San Francisco!  The food is delicious!!  While the place is quite small, the atmosphere fun and eclectic and everyone is really friendly while in cramped quarters.  There’s likely a bit of a wait to get in, but even in the rain we had a lot of fun with other people in line.  Tucked away just beyond Union Square – a true gem!

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Chipotle Wisconsin Hours on Sunday Reviews

Michael Lucas: We have been coming to Chipotle for over five years and its quality has remained unparalleled.  Yes it is true, if you don’t get here at 5 pm you will have to wait for one hour to get a table and then one more hour to get your food.  Before this place got so popular we used to go twice a week and now we go twice a month.  They are obviously not interested in customer service (in fact they don’t even know how to relate to a customer) but there sushi remains the best in the city and every time we are there we meet people from all over the world that say this is the best in the world.

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Chipotle Wisconsin Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Jared Page: Amazing breakfast. I have eaten at dozens of breakfast and diner spots across Canada and the US and Chipotle is top notch. They do the classics (eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes) extremely well, eggs cooked to perfection, fresh bread, think cut and lightly crispy bacon, fluffy and flavorful pancakes. They also have baked goods like crumble coffee cake and jalapeño cornbread that make me want to buy them by the batch! There was a 45 minute wait when I got there at 7:45am on a Sunday.

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