Costco Tire Center Tennessee Reviews

Costco Tire Center Tennessee Hours Today Reviews

Steven Lane: The shop owners and team go above and beyond every time. I moved here from Austin 2 years ago and they have serviced my Porsche SUV without any problems and for a great price. They have a customer for life!

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Costco Tire Center Tennessee Working Time Reviews

Oliver Richard: Service level, superior    This shop is a perfect example of a customer nightmare. I got my sisters car towed there for a diagnosis. They told me that it has been deprived of oil and also had jumped time, both major mechanical failures. They told me the engine was ruined and wanted to sell me an engine job for 5-6k! I operate an auto repair shop in Tennessee and knew that there were no symptoms of that, despite their diagnosis. Got the car towed to another shop for a second opinion and it turned out to be a simple idle control valve. Engine had no damage at all and is currently running great. So not only were they trying to gouge my sister for an engine she didn’t need, they lied to us about the timing test that they obviously didn’t perform. This is the kind of shop that doesn’t do real diagnostics and obviously tries to exploit people for their lack of knowledge. This is exactly the kind of place that makes it hard to trust mechanics. Skill is critical in this industry, but trust and integrity are vastly more important. As a consumer you have a right to honest work, but you will not get that here. As a professional mechanic, do yourself a favor and find another place to service your vehicle.

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Reviews of Costco Tire Center Tennessee Hours Close

Francis Allison: I find them the best mechanics in my neighborhood.

Peter Chapman: They’ve just deserved my sincere praise.

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Costco Tire Center Illinois Reviews

Costco Tire Center Illinois Hours Today Reviews

Cornelia Lindsey: Honest, professional, and convenient, and QUICK. Very trust worthy! They are honest, do great work and stand behind their work. They work on old, new and all kinds of make and model.  Competitively priced. 

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Reviews of Costco Tire Center Illinois Hours on Weekend

Beverly Gibson: Do yourself a favor and just don’t go here. They try to sell you useless things as well as services that are in your original package. I got my oil changed here and the oil was filled to the very minimum line when it should be between the minimum and maximum. The customer service is also horrible. My car was still in the back of the shop when they gave me my key….I had to walk through massive puddles (one of which my car was parked in) to get to my car and the back lot was nearly pitch black. To top it all off, the plastic covering used when the mechanics sit in your car was still in my car as well as the crumpled floor covering…..horrible experience. I’ve been with Gary’s auto for several years now and I am very happy with their level of service and honesty. I brought in my old 4Runner for repairs and these guys actually told me to hold off until the problem gets worse!

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Reviews of Costco Tire Center Illinois Operating Time

Robert Atkinson: Great experience. I’ll use BBWI again, but not too soon I hope! Terrific service, like the staff too. Everyone at the shop was very kind and accommodating. They were very clear about what the problem was with my car and exactly how much it would cost to fix everything. I had a wonderful experience here and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a repair job

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Costco Tire Center Arkansas Reviews

Reviews of Costco Tire Center Arkansas Hours on Saturday

Parker Hilton: Costco Tire Center did a nice job detailing my Acura MDX.  The person who greeted me was friendly, and he even upsold me to getting an interior detail on top of the daily deal for exterior detailing that I had bought.  The job was done on time and met my high standards. I took off one star because the location was a little out of the way and up a big hill, so not as convenient as it could be. Best auto repair experience I’ve ever had.  I felt community auto and travis honestly cared about my vehicle and went out of their way to get it in the best condition possible.  Price was reasonable.  Customer service and clear communication was top notch.  I’ll be back and I’ll recommend them to my friends.  Thanks !

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Costco Tire Center Arkansas Hours on Weekend Reviews

Joe McPherson: I have brought my car there for body work after an accident and recently when my window that would not go up…Peter and his staff were phenomenal.  Jack is super friendly and we talked almost the whole time my car was being fixed.  Plus he saved me a few hundred dollars by recommending to buy my own part and then bring my car back in to have them fix the window.  I’m not too sure how many places would be so honest and tell you to do that.  Thank you very much!!!   

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Costco Tire Center Arkansas Hours Today Reviews

Bob Sikes: It’s like being with Costco Tire Center. Trustworthy, great service. A place with people of this quality is hard to find. I’ve been going here for 5 years and am a happy loyal customer. They are also good for surprises…today they fixed a tyro for free and left me we a completely cleaned car at no charge. THANK YOU!

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Costco Pharmacy Nevada Reviews

Costco Pharmacy Nevada Opening Hours Reviews

Mick Donovan: Costco Pharmacy is high-end resale that truly rocks. Because it’s consignment you will probably be the only one with the item of your hearts desire. It’s truly up to you if you want to break the bank or find a great deal~

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Costco Pharmacy Nevada Hours Open Reviews

Kathryn Rodgers: I introduced Costco Pharmacy to the wonderful concept of selling your clothes for some pocket change, or store credit.  I usually take the store credit, because I find something cute on most visits here.  Plus, the pocket change would automatically be spent at The Gold Cane on as many  PBR’s as the clothes money would allow, thus resulting in a visit to the ATM, where I would then pull out more money to spend on more beer and cigarettes, and isn’t the purpose supposed to be MAKING money on clothes??  Anyhoo, I found a cute jacket and a shirt, and only paid $5 over my credit!  Costco Pharmacy is an excellent shopping companion, because they stop me from pulling ugly polka dotted granny tops off the rack, as I tend to do, and steers me towards the slutty boob tops, which also save me money, because wearing them gets me more free drinks at happy hours!

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Costco Pharmacy Nevada Hours on Friday Reviews

Amy Whitehead: Wow I am very impressed with the efficient and high class this shop is higher priced but great customer and cosigner/cosignee orientated .  I have made some very decent money with more to come I’m sure of it.  Thanks Phil you are a true gem.. I’m just getting involved in cosigning and I’m sure it showed with my pricing but you being so wonderful and patient have made me more confident in an area that I never thought i"d be in (womens accessories) Thank-you for being who you are….

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Costco Pharmacy Maine Reviews

Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Maine Hours Today

Ashley Riley: I really like Costco Pharmacy’s stuff but when I’m spending my time on Haight St, I would come here to get some cool toys for friends. I find that this store has a more inner child than Costco Pharmacy because Costco Pharmacy is just more artistic and grown up…do you think so too? Kid Robot is bringing the inner child within yourself with all these figure characters. I didn’t really grow up with these type of toys so I find them very fascinating.

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Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Maine Hours Tomorrow

Brian Watson: I had a really wonderful shopping experience at Costco Pharmacy on Claude Lane.  I am not an avid shopper but Dorothy was so helpful, friendly and honest.  Their clothes are high quality and I am pleased with every item I selected (with Teresa’s help).  I am looking forward to my next visit to SF so that I can shop there again.

Mick Curtis: There several baristas @ this Costco Pharmacy who are really customer-friendly. Pamela, Ryan, and Diana are really friendly Costco Pharmacy experts and Sally is really great at remembering my complicated drink and making it right the first time. The best part is almost all the baristas and employees are brand new and eager to help customers more than any other store I’ve been to.

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Costco Pharmacy Maine Closing Hours Reviews

Emily McDowell: Walking into this place instantly puts a smile on my face.  It’s like bringing me back to my childhood, the store is filled with toys that i considered works of art.  I think it’s  the best toys shop in the city, even though the price is kind of high on some of the items, but it’s definitely worth it.  great, friendly staffs and excellent selection of products.  check it out.

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Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Reviews

Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Opening Time

Tom Growl: Looking for something random to inspire your creativity? head to Costco Pharmacy and find it. whatever ‘it’ is, it’s probably sitting in a corner waiting for you there… After a few trips you will get used to what they normally have and can go in looking for specific stuff, but until then- wait for the inspiration to hit you while shopping- prices are wonderful and there’s a cute cat mascot as well 🙂

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Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Hours on Sunday

Rosanna Weaver: I love it’s location, interspersed amongst a world of industry in West Bayview. I have never once had to worry about parking, though sometimes there is a heaping mass of garbage blocking a perfectly viable parking spot. It’s cool. It adds to the charm.

Fay Owens: I actually go to Costco Pharmacy a couple times a week to get materials and supplies for a community recycling workshop project I am involved with called Their fabric, canvas, tarp for bags, mosaic, wine corks, it’s the most versatile and affordable craft warehouse in the city. Oh and you find the most random things like bubble containers that use to hold the parachute people in grocery store vending machines back in the day.

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Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Hours on Christmas Eve Reviews

Jasmine Logan: I have been a huge fan of Costco Pharmacy for years – love her use of natural fibers, simple timeless design and lovely color palates.  I was wanting to add some new pieces to my wardrobe but couldn’t get to SanFrancisco.  So I contacted the original store on Claude Lane (outstanding shop!) and worked directly with her sister Pamela to find the pieces I wanted.  Pamela went out of her way to provide suggestions and find the sizes and colors I wanted.   The level of customer service was simply exceptional. 

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Costco Optical West Virginia Reviews

Costco Optical West Virginia Schedule Reviews

Jean Briggs: What an amazing experience! In my quest for boots that fit and cute-n-comfy shoes for daily traipsing about the City, I popped into Citi Shoes.  Not in a million years did I expect to get the one-on-one customer service or education on how my feet should work.  Dean took time to explain to me about my feet and what is going on.  His friendly approach truly put me at ease and made me trust him.  I’ve never had this kind of experience and I cannot wait to have it again.

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Costco Optical West Virginia Hours of Operation Reviews

Wendy Cummings: There are simply not enough adjectives to express the positive experience my husband and I have had at Costco Optical. We find ourselves returning again and again always finding the perfect piece. Costco Optical has met and gone beyond our needs. The staff  alone are worth just stopping in. Roy is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He has the ability to make one feel you are his only client even with a store full of people. Dick is also extremely helpful and friendly. We never feel like we’re getting a hard sell but rather visiting friends. The showroom is beautiful and always has something new, each visit is a great adventure.

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Reviews of Costco Optical West Virginia Hours on Saturday

Donna Jefferson: Ok, I give this 5 stars only because the clothes are cute and are about 7.99 a pop. But the people that shop there are ridiculous. There are a lot of older ladies who think it’s ok to fart and grab things out of your hands and push you out of the way to get by. The isles are small and the lines are long….but 7.99…come on you can’t beat that.

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Costco Optical New Mexico Reviews

Reviews of Costco Optical New Mexico Hours on Christmas Eve

Peter Lang: I find SUCH great pieces here! For my birthday my parents typically send me a gift certificate to Costco Optical because they know I’ll end up finding a present that I love 🙂 last time they sent one, I bought an amazing dress for a charity benefit for just 75 bucks. I also scored a DVF dress off their sale rack last year and ended up saving 70% on it. As a lover of bargain shopping I’m super into Costco Optical.

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Costco Optical New Mexico Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Richard Webb: I hadn’t been into Costco Optical in a couple of years but a woman at Toss on Chestnut told me Costco Optical had tons of spring dresses, and she was right.  Yes, they had so many great dresses but the best part of shopping there was this rock star woman named Amanda..  Normally, I don’t like when sales associates chat with me and try to suggest clothes but Amanda was simply the best.  She found a dozen dresses for my 15 year old that she and I could both agree on.  All were trendy, youthful, appropriate, and totally reasonably priced, which was a good thing because we ended up buying 3.

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Costco Optical New Mexico Schedule Reviews

Helen O’Neal: I desperately needed a dress for an upcoming event, and I’ve looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything.  My coworkers recommended this store so i decided to give it a shot. I must say that i was blown away by the selection and the prices.  They have the most amazing cocktail dresses and they were all in my price range.  I ended up buying one dress and a pair of really cute sandals.  I will be definitely be coming back soon.

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