Cricket Wireless North Carolina Reviews

Cricket Wireless North Carolina Closing Time Reviews

George Fox: They are thugs. They contract you for a price. Once locked in then nickel and diming. Like the airlines. Send you a GIFT then send you a bill.

Dorothy Mitchell: I started with Cricket Wireless years ago and I live in the high desert and get great service and saving $32.00 a month. I switched to Verizon on a deal at Costco which was good, then prices went up and I switched back to Cricket Wireless.

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Cricket Wireless North Carolina Hours on Friday Reviews

Davis Sparks: I had a landline account with Cricket Wireless associated with a business I purchased. I called with questions about the account. A rep named Lazarius took the call. He sold me on a bogo offer to change my Sprint account to Cricket Wireless. He gave me a lower monthly rate and 2 free phones with purchase of 2. I ordered my phones. When they came I was being billed for all phones. I called Cricket Wireless again. They said I would get a credit for 2 free phones on the third bill. Now Cricket Wireless is saying the phones I ordered are not eligible for the bogo I was sold. I had been with Sprint about 10 years, instead of saving money I lost in excess of 1000.00. Worst decision I ever made. Very unhappy Cricket Wireless customer. I was cheated and lied to.

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Cricket Wireless North Carolina Hours on Columbus day Reviews

Gabriel Watson: I tell everybody about Cricket Wireless I will never switch to no one else ever. They have the best service ever, the best rates, the best customer service.

Valerie Hutchinson: I have had Cricket Wireless for 3 years and They do a pretty good job, I rarely have a dropped call and haven’t had to call for help since I have used them. I don’t have a account of my own but use one of my neighbors lines and pay her.

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