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Cricket Wireless Wisconsin Hours Open Reviews

Bruno Bishop: I called Cricket Wireless to tell them my internet service was very slow they never mentioned to me they had a faster new modem. I have the 2Wire modem which they don’t use anymore. I have been with Cricket Wireless for seven years. I have Comcast cable because DirecTV was awful. When it rains, there’s no cable.

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Cricket Wireless Wisconsin Working Hours Reviews

William Carson: Over the past couple of years, someone had changed Ms. *** phone to be billed for a complete pkg because she did not know what they were asking (has Alzheimer’s). I paid this for a while but then she was transferred to a Nursing Home. I phoned and had them drop everything to a basic plan with the $5 plan for long distance just in case any one was at her home and needed to use the phone. This was supposed to be $14 for basic plus the $5 which has now made her bill $34 which now means taxes and such are more than the bill. This is crazy. Last month the bill was $31. We do not have state taxes and taxes do not go up every month. This is a rip off especially for the aged.

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Reviews of Cricket Wireless Wisconsin Hours on Christmas Eve

Ethan Harmon: Two days ago, I submitted an application online for new Cricket Wireless wireless service. My contract with my current provider was over and even though I liked them, Cricket Wireless had a cheaper data plan. I had trouble getting the application processed on line, I kept getting error messages but it finally went through. Actually, it went through twice and I had two order. I called to correct this and with much difficulty, got one cancelled. The rep said one was cancelled because Equifax could not confirm I was who I said I was.

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