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Donald Green: When ordering drugs you mightn’t grasp the right medications or you might get the wrong amount or other issues, it creates an issue with the consumer. I’ve just stuck to Walgreens Pharmacy. Their manager really cares about customer service. The guy’s extremely consumer-friendly, and always boasts a smile and he’s more than just willing to fix the issues within the store, when they emerge right away before getting out of hand. Undoubtedly, the PR and customer relations this guy serves to his consumer happens to be an absolute Plus.

Kate Richardson: What can I say about Walgreens Pharmacy? It’s clean and well organized. They boast helpful store personnel. As for the wait times for the drive-through pharmacy, it’s not as mediocre as the other pharmacy stores in my neighborhood.

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Anthony Glover: I’m very sick, guys. To be exact, I’ve been suffering for3 week. I’ve finally spent my hard earned money and went to the doctor. Then, with all prescriptions I headed for Walgreens Pharmacy. Thanks God they had all the necessary meds within reach. I grasped my medications rushed home and finally got better. As for the staff, I can say they were extremely nice and fully concerned over my health disorder. I’m so grateful to you, Walgreens.

Samantha Reed: The new Walgreen’s place is awesome. It’s bright, nice and clean. It was a marvelous drug store experience.

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Mike Little: Well, I’ve been to the older location several times, but the new one is a drastic improvement. Their new aisles were wider and the employees were much easier to spot.

Andy McDougall: I actually appreciate how it’s located. It’s really close to my sweet home.

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