Costco Optical New Mexico Reviews

Reviews of Costco Optical New Mexico Hours on Christmas Eve

Peter Lang: I find SUCH great pieces here! For my birthday my parents typically send me a gift certificate to Costco Optical because they know I’ll end up finding a present that I love 🙂 last time they sent one, I bought an amazing dress for a charity benefit for just 75 bucks. I also scored a DVF dress off their sale rack last year and ended up saving 70% on it. As a lover of bargain shopping I’m super into Costco Optical.

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Costco Optical New Mexico Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Richard Webb: I hadn’t been into Costco Optical in a couple of years but a woman at Toss on Chestnut told me Costco Optical had tons of spring dresses, and she was right.  Yes, they had so many great dresses but the best part of shopping there was this rock star woman named Amanda..  Normally, I don’t like when sales associates chat with me and try to suggest clothes but Amanda was simply the best.  She found a dozen dresses for my 15 year old that she and I could both agree on.  All were trendy, youthful, appropriate, and totally reasonably priced, which was a good thing because we ended up buying 3.

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Costco Optical New Mexico Schedule Reviews

Helen O’Neal: I desperately needed a dress for an upcoming event, and I’ve looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything.  My coworkers recommended this store so i decided to give it a shot. I must say that i was blown away by the selection and the prices.  They have the most amazing cocktail dresses and they were all in my price range.  I ended up buying one dress and a pair of really cute sandals.  I will be definitely be coming back soon.

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