Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Reviews

Reviews of Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Schedule

Helen Atkinson: I have a sister and a very good friend that ordered home phone service from Comcast Service Center. They both told me similar stories. Their phones never worked and when they cancelled, were treated very rudely. Then on top of that, they were billed for something they never got. After refusing to pay as a matter of principle, their accounts were turned over to collections. Now their credit is ruined and they get harassing calls. Both of these people are disabled and don’t deserve or need this kind of abuse. I look out for them and this the reason for this complaint. One is my sister and the other I met while at a homeless shelter. My friend left with a baby that was born while at the shelter. At her new residence, she tried to get a home phone and Comcast Service Center added to her struggles.

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Reviews of Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Hours of Operation

Godfrey Daniels: My new Blackberry phone quit working; it has no power.  I called Comcast Service Center and complained.  They said that it needed upgrade software which we spend hours on phone trying to do that but it didn’t help.  They said that they will send another phone.  I received new phone without battery, still no power, and went to battery store and asked them to check battery; they said that the battery is bad.  Well, I need the phone so I purchased battery with my money and it works. 

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Comcast Service Center Oklahoma Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Douglas Doyle: I have been without incoming service for five days and it’s not because of my bill.  I pay on time and don’t carry a balance.  The incompetence of the workers who have handled my problem have made my problem seem unsolvable.  Customer service agents says that it’s the Repair Service Bureau and the Repair Service says it’s the office.  To top it off, every other agent I spoke with was rude and snappy. 

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