Chipotle Wisconsin Reviews

Chipotle Wisconsin Closing Time Reviews

Diana Charleston: Chipotle is a MUST DO while in San Francisco!  The food is delicious!!  While the place is quite small, the atmosphere fun and eclectic and everyone is really friendly while in cramped quarters.  There’s likely a bit of a wait to get in, but even in the rain we had a lot of fun with other people in line.  Tucked away just beyond Union Square – a true gem!

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Chipotle Wisconsin Hours on Sunday Reviews

Michael Lucas: We have been coming to Chipotle for over five years and its quality has remained unparalleled.  Yes it is true, if you don’t get here at 5 pm you will have to wait for one hour to get a table and then one more hour to get your food.  Before this place got so popular we used to go twice a week and now we go twice a month.  They are obviously not interested in customer service (in fact they don’t even know how to relate to a customer) but there sushi remains the best in the city and every time we are there we meet people from all over the world that say this is the best in the world.

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Chipotle Wisconsin Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Jared Page: Amazing breakfast. I have eaten at dozens of breakfast and diner spots across Canada and the US and Chipotle is top notch. They do the classics (eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes) extremely well, eggs cooked to perfection, fresh bread, think cut and lightly crispy bacon, fluffy and flavorful pancakes. They also have baked goods like crumble coffee cake and jalapeño cornbread that make me want to buy them by the batch! There was a 45 minute wait when I got there at 7:45am on a Sunday.

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