Boost Mobile Oklahoma Reviews

Boost Mobile Oklahoma Closing Time Reviews

Emily King: They said I don’t qualify for the Switcher program, I needed to do this within 30 days when I first became a Boost Mobile customer. So now I owe 900 dollars to Verizon just for switching over to Boost Mobile. I missed the deadline by 2 weeks. I wasn’t told that I needed to do this by the person I spoke to on the phone, and I see this in the text message, and the guys at the Boost Mobile store didn’t mention it to me when I came in. I think this is a scam… don’t go with Boost Mobile Switcher program… don’t ever switch with them.

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Boost Mobile Oklahoma Hours Open Reviews

Jayson Clarke: I’ve been with Boost Mobile as a phone service and I guess it’s no worse than any others except for their website. I’ve spent hours on something that should have only taken a few minutes – Ordering a new phone. For the first few hours I had to convince them the product existed. Then I had to call and talk to a live person which was very nice. But then when it came down to actually making the purchase (color, size, model) the website kept trying to change the size and color on me. If I wasn’t observant I might have bought the wrong phone and it would have been the website making that choice for me. I looked for a comments section to bring this to the attention of someone who cares about the website. Apparently, no one cares. No way to bring this to anybody’s attention. Guess I don’t buy a phone and website stays broken. Stupid policy. No feedback.

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Boost Mobile Oklahoma Hours on Black Friday Reviews

Brian Little: Extremely disappointed! I don’t advise you to stick with them.

Tobias Hutchinson: I guess I need to find something better.

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