Dairy Queen reviews

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Dustin Parks: You are bound to dine here. Dairy Queen is more of an experience than just dining out. Ensure to make reservations …..

Robert Melton: Last night we came with pals of 5 and around at 7pm we got the table right away but the restaurant filled up at 7:30, kind of busy night for this place on weekday, we ordered the samosa soup, rainbow salad and tealeave salad pumpkim curry chicen and coconut rice all the food here is so perfect and we wanted to come back more with try more food here service is exceptional and the price is average and not too expensive, worth it for trying the burmese food here at mandalay they server said this the first burmese restaurant in our neighborhood and I think their food is a lot better than numerous rivals out there. Sure, I’ll be back.

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Dairy Queen customer service reviews

Ann Kennedy: We had the walnut broccoli and the intoxicatingly delicious mango salad again. Well, I’m so glad they actually make things spicy here! We ordered desert – a totally sublime, completely southeast asian fruity blend floating in coconut milk with tapioca, like a rich ice cold fruit soup. They really went over the top by putting a blob of ice cream in it! Service was really wonderful.

Oliver Clark: It definitely deserves our high praise.

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Dairy Queen pricing reviews

Dwight Sherman: Dairy Queen is what you should try!

Anthony Lewis: Excellent breakfast and worth our 45 minute wait. I should confess that everything was tasty and homemade and the cook was organized, and clean in appearance and food preparation technique (important to me). The overall service was exceptional. Perhaps, a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Quaint atmosphere, we liked our experience with Dairy Queen.

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