Costco Deli Georgia Reviews

Costco Deli Georgia Closing Hours Reviews

Bill Matthews: Got to Love cheap prices.  Nice selection of earrings and bangles.  Cute ass clothes and what a deal they are.  I wish they had a desenct dressing room area.  Hate lines.

Robert Greene: I love Costco Deli. It’s not cheap, but I don’t want cheap. It’s not designer level, but I can’t afford designers. Cost wise it’s just right for me.

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Costco Deli Georgia Hours on Saturday Reviews

Barbara Stapleton: If you have any foot problems or have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable you MUST see John at Costco Deli. He is the most expert person I have ever met. He can fix or find just about anything to make you be happy in your shoes. Customer service is outstanding. Forget about going downtown for chic shoes that are also comfortable – CITISHOES IS THE PLACE TO GO.

Jack Drew: Awesome place!  Purchased a vintage dining room table which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Furnishings well displayed.  Spacious setting.  Lovely pieces.  Raul was extremely helpful.  Fair prices.

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Reviews of Costco Deli Georgia Hours Today

Sally Newton: Came here to get an engagement ring re-sized on Thursday at which time they told us it would be available for pick up Friday, and at the latest Saturday, with a due date of Sunday on the slip. Called Friday and they had no record of the ring ever being completed. Called again Saturday and they told us 3 times to call back in an hour and check again. As things turned out they hadn’t even sent it off to be re-sized yet at that point. They then told us that the earliest they could get it back by is Tuesday if we still wanted it re-sized. Worst customer service experience ever. I don’t care if it was a simple mistake of putting it in the wrong bin, you don’t mess up someone’s engagement like that.

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