Albertsons Pharmacy West Virginia Reviews

Albertsons Pharmacy West Virginia Opening Time Reviews

John Hood: Ugh, why do I torture myself by even trying to shop at this store? It only takes about one minute to remember why I generally avoid UO like the plague:

  • The prices are ridiculous for such average-quality apparel
  • The staff members are cold, or at the very least superficially "friendly"
  • This store does NOT offer a vast selection, especially compared to the UO website
  • I see at least 5 shoppers wearing almost identical outfits (from UO, naturally).

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Albertsons Pharmacy West Virginia Schedule Reviews

Charles Haynes: I’ve gone to many comic stores in the city, but I’ve never found one so cool as Whatever.  I found Whatever completely by accident, but it’s become not only the place where I get my weekly comic fix, it’s also the place where I’ve met some of my good friends. Rich, the store owner, is a great guy who makes a point to say hello to every customer whether they’re there for the first time or the 101st.  The store layout is awesome for the amount of product he sells and the small space that he has to work with.  Plus he sells candy, not just any candy, but candy that you grew up with as a kid and doesn’t get sold much anymore.  How cool is that?

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Reviews of Albertsons Pharmacy West Virginia Working Hours

Betty Smith: The only reason it gets even three stars is that it’s fun to browse and conveniently located if you need to kill time in the area. The bottom level has all those trendy-but-kind-of-clever books, gadgets and "gift"-y items that I kind of secretly like… but don’t bother wasting your time in the clothing sections. Yuck.

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