What Time Does Dominos Open

Dominos Hours

Domino’s is widely recognized for its white, blue and red domino log. Being the largest pizza chain in the world, Domino’s offers high quality in every slice of pizza. Of course, Domino’s menu is not limited with various pizzas, as you can also choose one of their appetizers, sides, and desserts prepared by professional chefs.

Domino’s has become a kind of an embodiment of a pizza service with a fast delivery and quality services. Whether you order pastas, sandwiches, hamburgers, or various chicken based treats, you will stay satisfied.

MONDAY 10:30 AM – 12 PM
TUESDAY 10:30 AM – 12 PM
WEDNESDAY 10:30 AM – 12 PM
THURSDAY 10:30 AM – 12 PM
FRIDAY 10:30 AM – 1 AM
SATURDAY 10:30 AM – 1 AM
SUNDAY 10 :00 AM – 12 AM

What Time Does Dominos Open

As for the operating hours set by the facility, they remain similar in most of the Domino’s facilities, but still, there can be some variations! What does Domino’s offer in terms of opening and closing times? – Flexibility!

Despite the fact that pizza is not the first choice for an early breakfast, Domino’s has quite early opening time at 10.30am, Thus, the facility tries to offer a maximum comfortable opening time for every customer.

When it comes to a dinner choice, with crispy pizza can be a great solution! By the way, you can easily order a pizza to your place. Domino’s offers convenient closing time at 12 am, while some of their locations stay opened up to 1 am.

Don’t be surprised if you find one of the Domino’s facilities opened as late as 3 am. This tendency can be observed in large cities, where the nightlife lasts much longer. In the end, the standard operating hours followed by most of the Domino’s facilities are from 10.30am until 12 am. If you are not sure if it is so in your local Domino’s, reach them over the phone to double check this information.

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