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Peter Marshall: Diana was so personable and knowledgeable with great attention to follow-thru and attentiveness! I had utilized them for my Dad’s 100th b-day celebration and their plants really did make all the difference, the palms were beautiful and of lovely quality! Diana and Jessica were professional, on time for delivery and pick-up, everything went on without a hitch!

Ethan Caldwell: These guys are really nice and they have everything except the one thing you’d expect them to have… octagon beaded crystals. The super common ones that you see on all chandeliers old and new, then is already linked and ready to use.

I’d give them 5 stars if they carried some common basics like that, as it’s was very surprising specialty chandelier store/restore place wouldn’t carry that. And I’d love to give them my business that the big chain stores that care that stuff so they should just have some at hand.

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John Davis: Took my little brother there. He loved it. My boyfriend told me stuff is fake cheap made Chinese swords, but my brother liked it. I think if you need to buy reasonable cheap swords for your younger brother this place is good choice. Of course i did not buy him sharpened swords. They had a big selection of swords.(but i don’t know a thing bout swords, I don’t even know why I’m writ ting this review). my boyfriend is a sword nut he should have written it.

John Murphy: Family Dollar Store has never let me down.

Family Dollar Store online reviews

Mary Townsend: Another nice place to shop around.

Jane Cox: I feel like getting back here once again.

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