BJ’s Idaho Reviews

BJ’s Idaho Hours Close Reviews

John Thompson: I discovered this shop during my trip in SF. I wanted to buy everything : purple sunglasses, strange books,  beautiful shoes… Please come to France, my life will be different…

Elizabeth Price: Lots of little trinkets that catch my eye here. The clothing ranges from cheap to expensive. Some of the items get really dirt cheap during the sales. These sale items can be found on the back wall loosely spread all around the racks. Yay Im a fan.

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BJ’s Idaho Operating Hours Reviews

Grace Griffith: Great shop! It has all you need – from shoes and purses to jackets and jeans for both girls and boys. This is the only shop my boyfriend and I go together and enjoy the time spend. And they are often making discounts which make the clothes very affordable

Nancy Cooper: Pretty dope store. been apart of it since it opened and boy has it went threw some changes for the better. shop looks very hi end boutiquesh and i just want to see all the people there do well

Mary McDaniel: Always positive vibes when I come in. Great hoodies and hats very profesional. Owner is hella koo n chill. And they got they own stezz which fits my dress attire.

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Reviews of BJ’s Idaho Hours of Operation

Maria Bradford: SHOES. I love shoes. And what I love even more is when someone makes you feel good about what you buy and taken care of. Mike was very helpful and very understanding about my needing to return a pair for a smaller size. He went way out of his way to make it work and left me wanting to return and sign up to yelp JUST to spread the word that he helped me a lot and praise BJ’s.

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