Babies R Us Michigan Reviews

Babies R Us Michigan Operating Hours Reviews

William Sims: The clothes are the cutest, and very unique too. Plus the atmosphere of the store is wonderful, it’s three levels and has couches and furniture everywhere. Downside: it’s way overpriced. When I buy clothes there, leave with cute clothes and no money. I feel happy and sad at the same time.  :- ) -:

Kenneth Ford: Thank you Babies R Us for the excellent customer service! We had just had a nightmarish experience at the store next door but I’m glad we returned because you made our night and we finally got our camera!

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Babies R Us Michigan Hours Open Reviews

Mary Doyle: I see that others have beat me to it here in singing the praises of this lovely, cozy store and the consistently fabulous service that Teresa provides. I am a long-time fan of Babies R Us’ distinctive clothing.  I live on the east coast and make it to the store once a year, then periodically call the store to ask questions and perhaps order something. Teresa is a phenomenal salesperson (unfailingly honest and at the same time persuasive!) and adviser.

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Babies R Us Michigan Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Gladys Cameron: I was thrilled when I picked up a sweater from Babies R Us that I had inadvertently torn and taken back to the store in the hope that it could be miraculously repaired.  All of their creations are so beautifully designed and crafted, and the materials so soft and fine that I hated to see one of my favorites so badly damaged.  Much to my delight and relief, the tear in my sweater was completely repaired, as were others that I hadn’t noticed before — and my beautiful sweater was fully restored and given a new life!  Thank you so much, Babies R Us!

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