Babies R Us Virginia Reviews

Babies R Us Virginia Hours Open Reviews

Elizabeth Gallagher: I’m going to have to join the consensus on this one – braindrops is the best!  Not only do they have an AMAZING selection of very beautiful and unique jewelry, the place has a truly beautiful and welcoming vibe.  I went in for very minor piercing, and both Jim at the counter, and Dave doing the piercing, were beyond helpful, patient, great to talk to – it was a wonderful experience.  the fact that i’m not a 20-something tribal-hipster was no problem, as it can potentially be in similar circumstances.  Dave is great! …really patient, gentle, lovely.  It may cost just a little more – but you definitely get what you pay for!!

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Babies R Us Virginia Hours Close Reviews

Meagan Underwood: It’s always a pleasure to step foot in this little place. I bring all my out of town visitors there. It’s just beautiful with an energy to match, thanks to kindness- and service-motivated owners, Dick and Loren. Their wealth of information has been freely shared, with caring thrown in too. Every employee has been equally helpful over the *many* years I’ve been a customer. They stock all kinds of hard-to-find herbs and a wide range of body care products and supplements. Dick and Loren often assist me with special order items, handled with grace… and without premium surcharges.

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Babies R Us Virginia Hours on Saturday Reviews

Sophia Springfield: One of the best stores for sneakers and clothing in San Francisco. They always got the newest sneakers in, yeezys, Jordan’s, adidas boost. A lot of other stores charge crazy high prices but dreamteam always shows love and is very flexible. The owner is a real good guy a shows love to the community, this is THE sneaker spot if u coming into the bay area.

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