Arby’s California Reviews

Arby’s California Working Time Reviews

Shawn Hood: I work just behind this place and my boss introduced me to this awesome Ramen months ago.  They are famous for their Ramen and they don’t disappoint.  They do have small daily special dishes on the board worth trying as well.  The Miso eggplant is a must.  Their Sushi rolls are just ok if you are desperate for some with your Ramen.  Their wait staff turn over is extremely high and Thank God for that….for a while, they have a bunch of spoil Japanese females that would rather hangout in a night club than seving the customers.  They have some sweeter ones now and it sure help round out your perfect Ramen experience.

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Arby’s California Hours Open Reviews

William Blankenship: My favorite Thai restaurant of all time! From the moment you enter,  you are instantly teleported to a little native hut in Thailand. From the ceiling to the walls,  you’ll notice the hatch-pattern bamboo facade. The decor consist of charming Thai art and paintings, fresh floral, and numerous awards for winning gold-medal international competitions. Yes, they are that great. Now on to the food….I LOVE their Angel wings. The spicy savory sauce  made of chopped garlic and fresh red chili bring out heavenly flavors that keep you wanting for more. It is a MUST order, or else you’re missing out.

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Reviews of Arby’s California Hours on New Year’s Eve

Mary Norton: I was looking to have breakfast, I searched yelp and found this place,we wait in line since it was busy in the week end, but food was great . we returned the following day for breakfast  again, it was great all around and i strongly recommend this place,thank you, Bill and family from LA.

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