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Peter Smith: I loved the service and the products. The store has a very inviting doorway and quite specific animal-like smell coming from inside the shop. It absolutely gets along with their specialty. The price is about the same you find in any other pet shop but their products are different and have a bit of making you feel like no one else. Of course, your pet will also appreciate what you purchase here.

Matthew Brown: I keep quite specific animals at home – snakes as well as other reptiles. Cold and scary for most human beings they definitely attract me and my girlfriend. Not many pet shops provide sufficient range of products for such specific animals. Fortunately, PetSmart is a pleasant exception. I love my snakes and I’m happy I can purchase various useful stuff for them here.

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Barbara Miles: Getting engaged was the most nerve racking experience of my life. I was referred to PetSmart Global by a friend of mine. Not only did I get a great deal on dog food, but I got back and had them custom make some dog toys. They make and sell great toys for dogs. All of my relatives like dogs and they were naturally very impressed, while I got envious leers from other husbands.

Donald Lang: I will come here again.

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Dave Carson: Check out PetSmart, they are among the best in San Francisco, with quality, fair price, Knowledge, integrity and the staffs are friendly.

Marcus Johns: The saleswoman who helped me, were very helpful and nice, so the entire purchasing experience was great and trouble-free. I am going back for extra gifts form my beloved animals.

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