PNC Bank Hours

PNC Bank Hours

The opening and closing times of PNC Bank do not differ from the standard operating hours set by most of the bank establishments. PNC Financial Services Group is an American corporation delivering a large number of PA-based financial services. Having more than 2,500 facilities across the United States, PNC is one of the most influential banks in the country. The major operations conducted by the bank include retail financial operations, bank cards, business credits, financial investments, real estate, etc.

The longest operating hours are set during the working week, while the reduced working hours can be noticed on Saturday.

On Sunday, PNC Bank remains closed, but there is no surprise, as the same principle is followed by all other banks. From Monday to Saturday, the opening time set by PNC Bank is at 9 am that is considered the standard opening time for most of the enterprises.

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PNC Bank

PNC Bank operating time

Get familiar with the operating hours offered by PNC Bank in more details by having a look at the table below:


The closing time set by PNC Bank may differ slightly from day to day, but generally, it is pretty much the same and can be easily kept in memory. Thus, from Monday to Thursday, PNC Bank is always closed at 5 pm, while on Fridays the operating time lasts up to 6 pm. This allows customers to get to the Bank after their work.

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How To Find PNC Bank Hours

PNC Bank Locator

The most relevant information on PNC Bank hours can be found through the official branch locator. On the PNC Bank website, you can start the search by entering your zip code or city. Thanks to the multiple filters, you can adjust the search for your personal needs. A list of the closest PNC hours will be displayed in a matter of a few seconds. To view more detailed information, click on the particular facility location. Thus, you’ll be able to check the names, addresses, directions, branches, and lobby/teller/drive thru hours.

The major advantage of this tool is that it provides you with the most relevant information concerning PNC Banks across the country.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one more tool which allows you to find your branch’s PNC Bank hours. When you enter “PNC Bank” into a search bar, the search engine will deliver the details information on the given facility. The left side of the screen will represent the branch’s driving directions, address, contacts, customer feedbacks, and so on.

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PNC Bank Mobile App

Those people who are having a busy way of life will definitely find it very useful to get the PNC Bank app installed on their mobile device. The PNC Mobile App can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store to any kind of mobile devices, including iPhone and Android. Thanks to this app, you can not only find the PNC Bank hours but also have access to your accounts anywhere from any location.

Basically, that’s 24/7 access to the PNC hours and account info straight from your smartphone. Considering the fact that some of PNC hours may vary by location, it’s highly recommended to check this information before visiting the facility. If you’d like to better informed on this Pittsburgh-based banking company, consider the information presented at their official web resource.

Alternatively, you can reach PNC Bank customer support at 1-888-PNC-BANK (1-888-762-2265). If your questions refer to the PNC’s banking operations, send them an email through the given online form. For general business inquiries, refer directly to the PNC Bank Corporate office address in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The general questions can also be asked through the different social networks.

PNC Bank Hours for In-store Branches

The PNC operating hours in various locations are highly praised for offering the extended hours for closing in a number of in-store branched. These hours are considerably longer, while some of PNC representative institutions remain open even on Sunday.

These branches have relatively longer working hours when compared to PNC Bank hours. From Monday to Friday, the operating hours tend to start at 11am, while On Saturday they usually start at 9am.

As for the closing time, so you can expect PNC in-store branches to start at 7.30pm from Monday to Friday, while at the weekend the operating time finishes at 5.30pm.

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In case, PNC Bank operated on Sunday, the opening and closing times are from 9 am to 4 pm.

Click HERE for PNC Bank locations.


Being established in the year 1845 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PNC Financial Services Group turned out to be one of the most influential institutions in the banking sector. The company managed more than 2600 branches across the United States.

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