Boost Mobile Delaware Reviews

Boost Mobile Delaware Closing Time Review

Elizabeth Smith: Our internet goes out on a regular basis. At least around noon and at 10 pm. We have called them multiple times and they still can’t figure out what the problem is.

Joe Powell: Internet monthly rate is too high at $50 a month for 25 mbps. It used to be on a promotion. Now it’s this or 5 mbps which is next to nothing. They want to monopolize and charge us dearly for the Internet.

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Boost Mobile Delaware Hours on Friday Reviews

Fred Hendrix: I have been a customer of Boost Mobile for over 20 years and I am very pleased with their service for my home phone/internet as well as my cellular phones. Their Customer Service has always been Superior and has always been able to resolve any and every issue I have had without any problem or delay. I have never considered using any other provider.

Tom Gibbons: Most of the customer service employees are horrible and know nothing… I was literally on the phone for 3 hrs, holding and talking to one person after another, and after all of this my issue still was not fully resolved!

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Reviews of Boost Mobile Delaware Hours on Columbus day

Andy Seagull: They are always very helpful and I am very satisfied with the service that Boost Mobile provides. It is not the cheapest, but it is rare to have service issues and they do offer a lot of plans to help to save money.

Bruce Sawyer: Can’t talk to a person. People at local stores tell you what you want to hear and not reality. I guess you call that lies. Terrible error!!!

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