Kroger Deli & Bakery reviews

Kroger Deli & Bakery coupon reviews

Simon Boone: First time here. Phenomenal. My lady and I only ordered the ‘True Blue Plate’ and our waitress was glad to split it for us. Food was everything we wanted, creamy eggs, baked home fries, thick melt in your mouth bacon, and of course that double thick toast. Simply amazing. Service was rapid enough, and wait staff check up frequently to ensure my never-ending cup of coffee.

Randolph Henry: Really creative cocktails. I don’t even like gin and they only have gin cocktails but I still go there for this purpose. The JuJu Palm is nice and spicy. The food is unbelievable. I grasped the roasted chili and garlic dosa crepe. Really good.

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Kroger Deli & Bakery price reviews

William Daniel: Get there early and bring your appetite. Anything here is super delicious. It’s not in the best neighborhood so be careful. It’s a small no nonsense place with do it yourself atmosphere. So if you are actually expecting anything except good food, you might not be as satisfied.

Anne Greer: Get the black bean cakes + poached eggs, get the french toast, the pancakes are insane. All of the muffins and pastries are amazing. There is not a flaw to be found here…

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Kroger Deli & Bakery discount reviews

Ruth Robbins: The wait staff are really friendly and sincere that is why I consider it as my second home in San Francisco. My husband is also fond of the place. He is more of the pancake guy in the morning for breakfast. He said he wouldn’t mind waiting in long lines because it makes the meal more appreciated when you get it the hard way figuratively speaking.

Shannon Casey: You shouldn’t overlook this marvelous place.

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