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Daisy Lane: Some of the best thai food in the city, with a great variety of dishes. The restaurant is small considering how good the food is, but the ambiance (bamboo hut) is perfect. Very attentive staff and friendly hostess. Even better food than the 9th and Irving location and its easier to park.

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David Ball: My wife talked only of their shio ramen, so I was prepared to just order this.  To my surprise, they had a whole offering of different flavors with miso and shoyu.  A hatsutaiken, as a Katana-ya virgin, I already had my heart set on the shio.  My choice was the regular sappari (light) shio.  My wife got the kotteri (thick) stuff and we waited in anticipation.  The sushi bar wasn’t being utilized as all the patrons were set on slurping noodles.  When it arrived the first thing I did was hit the piping hot soup.  Very hot and the sei-abura (pork back fat) swimming in the renge (spoon) was an excellent match for the salt/uodashi (fish?) broth.  I knew that if I waited too long to inhale the noodles, they would become too soft.  Thus, I sprang into action.  Pull, slurp, drink the soup (repeat). Enjoying this total zen state of consumption of the contents of the bowl after finishing sweat had formed on my brow.  Glad I just swallowed a days worth of sodium there. 

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Jack Pierce: WOW…if you’re a meat eater, you’ve got to try it.  they do have a salad bar for vegetarians, but it’s the meats that you’ve to to try.  they had beef, pork, chicken and even lamb and all that meat was flame broiled.  very tasty…unfortunately, if you’re prone to gout, eat gingerly if you can…yummy food.

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