Costco Deli North Dakota Reviews

Costco Deli North Dakota Closing Time Reviews

Mark Lang: I 100% recommend this place, so much so that I made an account just to say so.  My company decided to throw a Victorian themed party, and since my wardrobe consists almost entirely of jeans and t-shirts, I had no idea where to even start. John, (the owner) spent about half an hour helping me put together an outfit that fit well and looked great; I would have been at a complete loss without her help.  The rental process was perfect for my needs, and allowed me to get a great set of clothes on a relatively modest budget.

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Costco Deli North Dakota Hours on Sunday Reviews

Jean McKinney: What an amazing store, there clothing selection is crazy awesome!!! Compared to the other stores on the street this place was the biggest and the brightest. So you go in, and athough at first glance the price on everything is high, the key here is to **bargain** specifically with THE OWNER (!!) she is the only one that can change the prices, she is the way to get the price a little more down for something that you want. She says no first, but, if you’re persistent and hold out…maybe even flirt a little (wink wink nudge nudge) she’ll come around if you stand your ground and stay at it! I was so in love with so many things, I can’t wait to return here and see what else it has to offer! 😉

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Reviews of Costco Deli North Dakota Hours on New Year’s Eve

Patricia Bradford: Unbelievable service.  Worked for hours with us.  Kept one model and took home and completed and returned next day.  FAB, wonderful, delightful, good prices, helpful, knowledgable…Thank you.

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