Costco Pharmacy Maine Reviews

Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Maine Hours Today

Ashley Riley: I really like Costco Pharmacy’s stuff but when I’m spending my time on Haight St, I would come here to get some cool toys for friends. I find that this store has a more inner child than Costco Pharmacy because Costco Pharmacy is just more artistic and grown up…do you think so too? Kid Robot is bringing the inner child within yourself with all these figure characters. I didn’t really grow up with these type of toys so I find them very fascinating.

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Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Maine Hours Tomorrow

Brian Watson: I had a really wonderful shopping experience at Costco Pharmacy on Claude Lane.  I am not an avid shopper but Dorothy was so helpful, friendly and honest.  Their clothes are high quality and I am pleased with every item I selected (with Teresa’s help).  I am looking forward to my next visit to SF so that I can shop there again.

Mick Curtis: There several baristas @ this Costco Pharmacy who are really customer-friendly. Pamela, Ryan, and Diana are really friendly Costco Pharmacy experts and Sally is really great at remembering my complicated drink and making it right the first time. The best part is almost all the baristas and employees are brand new and eager to help customers more than any other store I’ve been to.

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Costco Pharmacy Maine Closing Hours Reviews

Emily McDowell: Walking into this place instantly puts a smile on my face.  It’s like bringing me back to my childhood, the store is filled with toys that i considered works of art.  I think it’s  the best toys shop in the city, even though the price is kind of high on some of the items, but it’s definitely worth it.  great, friendly staffs and excellent selection of products.  check it out.

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