Boost Mobile Hawaii Reviews

Reviews of Boost Mobile Hawaii Operating Time

Mark Spencer: Every time I’ve been to the Boost Mobile store, I have received excellent service. The staff members are helpful and always seek to answer my questions in a way that I understand their response.

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Reviews of Boost Mobile Hawaii Schedule

Billy Gibbons: The customer service is not great. It takes forever to get to a real person and most of the time you get someone with accent that does not speak English well and it’s difficult to understand them. But the reception and coverage area is great and there are very few dropped calls and they may be cheaper cell providers but I hesitate to try them. At least I know what I got and I can talk to my family who lives out of state with no problem.

Pamela Gordon: All wireless companies overcharge, at times are limited on coverage, so probably there are two companies that are the best – Boost Mobile and Verizon. Boost Mobile has been the best coverage for us especially as far as business calls as well.

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Boost Mobile Hawaii Hours on Weekend Reviews

Tom Spikes: We live less than 5 miles from Boost Mobile’s tower and both my wife and I experience dropped calls and failed text messages. When I spoke to Boost Mobile they said it was most likely my phone because it’s an older one (Samsung 5) but when I told them my wife’s iPhone 7 does it too they didn’t have a real answer. They refuse to believe there is anything wrong with their tower, we’ve Parked at the tower and saw on our phones we had 4G LTE service with 5 bars (the max) but once we were a mile away it service dropped to 4G and 3 bars, another mile and it was 4G and 1 bar and it stayed like that all the way home.

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