Albertson Pharmacy Alaska Reviews

Albertsons Pharmacy Alaska Hours of Operation Reviews

Martin Birch: I go to this place at least once a month to buy creepy photos, charming cards, reams of paper, fabric, buttons, stickers, and other random stuff piled on the shelves. It’s so cheap, surprisingly organized, and there are cats. The staff has always been friendly to me (didn’t give me grief about using their bathroom) and even if they were mean—even if they punched me every so often—I’d still go to this service for the randomness and cheapness.  Plus it has an area with free stuff!

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Reviews of Albertsons Pharmacy Alaska Working Hours      

Sam Donovan: They actually introduced me to this wonderland of athletic form- enhancing gear which made me first raise an eyebrow on any dude that would actually sport that kind of feminine logo but once I tried the stuff, I was sold. Can’t believe that they actually guarantee the life of the clothing for 5 years! Eat your heart out, guys!

Phil Hills: What an amazing concept and what high end customer service! I went in to get a pair of pants and they quickly helped me pick the right one, didn’t make me feel uncomfortable with the little extra weight(sorry, too many holiday sweets!) and before you know it, I looked amazing! Now I’m hooked. Minus one star for the prices, maybe?

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Alaska Pharmacy Albertsons Operating Time Reviews

Patrick Johnson: This store has theeee most friendly and helpful associates that are NOT annoying. The Palo Alto, Burlingame and Berkeley locations’ sales people drive me crazy!! So kudos to you guys for being helpful not harassing sales people. Also for the people that complain about the prices….then don’t buy anything! That’s like walking into Gucci and complaining about the prices. You know it’s expensive so just don’t walk in there!

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