Walmart Optical reviews

Online reviews of Walmart Optical

Olivia West: They did a great job with optical prescriptions. As for me, I’ve been using Walmart Optical for nearly 10 years. Their employees are highly skilled, patient and surprisingly friendly! Highly recommended!

Sandra Gregory: I just went to grasp a new box of contacts and also ask for my prescription. Unable to print it out for me at that moment, Peter was so kind to write it out manually specially for me. He was professional and courteous.

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Application reviews of Walmart Optical

Robert Evans: They timely returned my call and also assisted with my difficult situation. Their manager and the courteous girl who helped when I returned to pick it up were helpful and nice. I personally have no complaints as for this place.

Joseph Bride: Today I had a nice appointment with the optometrist, Dr. Watts. I was so pleasantly shocked and positively impressed with his deep knowledge as well as exceptional attention to me and my poor eyes. Of course, he noticed a jumping eye of mine and spent up to 35 minutes with my precious personality, going back and forth between the eye charts until the final image to me turned to be crystal clear. The doctor told that I shouldn’t opt for contact lenses. Instead, he advised me to stick to computer glasses as well as progressives. Certainly, he explained his prescription in rather an intelligent manner.

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Credit card reviews of Walmart Optical

Jim Ramsey: Their optometrist was great, extremely easy to get along with. As for the receptionist, the lady was patient and sweet. Although their prices were a bit higher, it’s worth trying anyway.

Susan Bishop: I’m going to keep using their services in the future.

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