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Usually, we do not think about how many resources, efforts and time is required to maintain the health care system on the appropriate level. You will not realize the complexity of the health care sphere until you become a part of it.

In order to make the life of the medical personnel easier, the PPJ Healthcare Enterprises has developed and introduced a unique billing service. Clients of PPJ Healthcare (physicians and medical practices) from now on can focus their energy on providing patients with better care.

This program saved much time, money and human resource that is why there are all conditions for medical care establishments for self-improving and developing.

The Automated Biller is a professional billing service created by the PPJ with an aim to make operations quick and easy. The software was tested and after some years of billing experience, it can cope with numerous issues happening in financial activity. The program itself can be easily adapted and customized for someone’s specialty.

The Automated Biller is simple enough in practice, can avoid and correct some sort of mistakes and deals with bill sending rapidly. It can provide clients with more information like where to buy medicines and with the nearest Walgreen Pharmacy hours of operation on Sunday for example.

The main feature of the software is that a possibility of creating a super bill – a custom bill that includes all the procedures, material, diagnoses, time spent and others. With a help of such service, every medical establishment can make all operations with money and resources more efficiently and faster.

The program can automatically calculate supplies or drugs, send messages to clients or insurance, send other collection letters within a settled period of time. If you are interested in implementing new technologies, here is the PPJ working schedule.

PPJ Healthcare working hours

MONDAY             9 AM – 9 PM

TUESDAY            9 AM – 9 PM


THURSDAY         9 AM – 9 PM

FRIDAY                9 AM – 6 PM

SATURDAY         10 AM – 6 PM

SUNDAY              10 AM – 6 PM

On the web-site you can find out more establishments and its open hours, to use find the page quickly use the request like “How late is Walmart pharmacy open” and you will receive the answer immediately.

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