Cricket Wireless Arizona Reviews

Cricket Wireless Arizona Working Hours Reviews

Brian Stevenson: They don’t actually follow through with the promos that they lure you in with. When you transfer from one company to another, they look for loopholes in order to minimize the amount of the "rebates" they have to pay to the consumer.

Mick Dive: Generally speaking, Cricket Wireless has been pretty good to work with. Sometimes, the phone support doesn’t give me the same answer that the people in the store do but this has been easy to remedy.

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Cricket Wireless Arizona Closing Time Reviews

Howard Stanley: For the last six months and beyond that Cricket Wireless U-verse has been billing me for changes which I did not request them for. Have to go online to protest the bill and the charges that were unfair made. Each time I spent anywhere from 1 hr or more to get billing and credits like they were when I enter the contract. Cricket Wireless DirecTV has 28 million customers and have a bad reputation of fraudulent billing practices. If they overcharge 1.00 every month to rewards them with a 28 million dollars windfall in revenue. The consumer has no options in this matter but to make a complaint. And they still want you to honor the contract. Why they just keep doing the same thing each month. I am tire of the **. I have 3 months left on my contract but I am filing this complaint because I know that they are going to bill me for the rest of the time which is unfair because they are the one that broke the contract.

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Reviews of Cricket Wireless Arizona Hours on Black Friday

Dorothy Mitchell: Cricket Wireless offers great service and very reliable but as others catch up they are becoming challenged as they are still very pricey. Their best customer service is still obtained in person at a company store.

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