Costco Tire Center Illinois Reviews

Costco Tire Center Illinois Hours Today Reviews

Cornelia Lindsey: Honest, professional, and convenient, and QUICK. Very trust worthy! They are honest, do great work and stand behind their work. They work on old, new and all kinds of make and model.  Competitively priced. 

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Reviews of Costco Tire Center Illinois Hours on Weekend

Beverly Gibson: Do yourself a favor and just don’t go here. They try to sell you useless things as well as services that are in your original package. I got my oil changed here and the oil was filled to the very minimum line when it should be between the minimum and maximum. The customer service is also horrible. My car was still in the back of the shop when they gave me my key….I had to walk through massive puddles (one of which my car was parked in) to get to my car and the back lot was nearly pitch black. To top it all off, the plastic covering used when the mechanics sit in your car was still in my car as well as the crumpled floor covering…..horrible experience. I’ve been with Gary’s auto for several years now and I am very happy with their level of service and honesty. I brought in my old 4Runner for repairs and these guys actually told me to hold off until the problem gets worse!

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Reviews of Costco Tire Center Illinois Operating Time

Robert Atkinson: Great experience. I’ll use BBWI again, but not too soon I hope! Terrific service, like the staff too. Everyone at the shop was very kind and accommodating. They were very clear about what the problem was with my car and exactly how much it would cost to fix everything. I had a wonderful experience here and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a repair job

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