Costco Pharmacy Nevada Reviews

Costco Pharmacy Nevada Opening Hours Reviews

Mick Donovan: Costco Pharmacy is high-end resale that truly rocks. Because it’s consignment you will probably be the only one with the item of your hearts desire. It’s truly up to you if you want to break the bank or find a great deal~

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Costco Pharmacy Nevada Hours Open Reviews

Kathryn Rodgers: I introduced Costco Pharmacy to the wonderful concept of selling your clothes for some pocket change, or store credit.  I usually take the store credit, because I find something cute on most visits here.  Plus, the pocket change would automatically be spent at The Gold Cane on as many  PBR’s as the clothes money would allow, thus resulting in a visit to the ATM, where I would then pull out more money to spend on more beer and cigarettes, and isn’t the purpose supposed to be MAKING money on clothes??  Anyhoo, I found a cute jacket and a shirt, and only paid $5 over my credit!  Costco Pharmacy is an excellent shopping companion, because they stop me from pulling ugly polka dotted granny tops off the rack, as I tend to do, and steers me towards the slutty boob tops, which also save me money, because wearing them gets me more free drinks at happy hours!

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Costco Pharmacy Nevada Hours on Friday Reviews

Amy Whitehead: Wow I am very impressed with the efficient and high class this shop is higher priced but great customer and cosigner/cosignee orientated .  I have made some very decent money with more to come I’m sure of it.  Thanks Phil you are a true gem.. I’m just getting involved in cosigning and I’m sure it showed with my pricing but you being so wonderful and patient have made me more confident in an area that I never thought i"d be in (womens accessories) Thank-you for being who you are….

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