Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Reviews

Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Opening Time

Tom Growl: Looking for something random to inspire your creativity? head to Costco Pharmacy and find it. whatever ‘it’ is, it’s probably sitting in a corner waiting for you there… After a few trips you will get used to what they normally have and can go in looking for specific stuff, but until then- wait for the inspiration to hit you while shopping- prices are wonderful and there’s a cute cat mascot as well 🙂

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Reviews of Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Hours on Sunday

Rosanna Weaver: I love it’s location, interspersed amongst a world of industry in West Bayview. I have never once had to worry about parking, though sometimes there is a heaping mass of garbage blocking a perfectly viable parking spot. It’s cool. It adds to the charm.

Fay Owens: I actually go to Costco Pharmacy a couple times a week to get materials and supplies for a community recycling workshop project I am involved with called Their fabric, canvas, tarp for bags, mosaic, wine corks, it’s the most versatile and affordable craft warehouse in the city. Oh and you find the most random things like bubble containers that use to hold the parachute people in grocery store vending machines back in the day.

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Costco Pharmacy Hawaii Hours on Christmas Eve Reviews

Jasmine Logan: I have been a huge fan of Costco Pharmacy for years – love her use of natural fibers, simple timeless design and lovely color palates.  I was wanting to add some new pieces to my wardrobe but couldn’t get to SanFrancisco.  So I contacted the original store on Claude Lane (outstanding shop!) and worked directly with her sister Pamela to find the pieces I wanted.  Pamela went out of her way to provide suggestions and find the sizes and colors I wanted.   The level of customer service was simply exceptional. 

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