Costco Deli Prices & Food Court Menu

Costco Deli Prices

Costco Deli is nothing but a great alternative to takeout services. There is a wide selection of tasty foods to go, including various sorts of freshly prepared meats.

In case you are throwing a party, Costco Deli platters can be a good solution to treat your guests. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about prices, as they are more than reasonable at Costco.

Here are some of the most affordable options you can order at Costco:

  • Sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Hotdogs
  • Pizza, and so on.

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Usually, the average price for foods does not exceed $5, unless you are going to order a large 18-inch pizza- which also costs only $9.99! Costco prices vary from dish to dish, but the minimum you are expected to pay equals $2. For instance, a pound of boneless chicken breasts will cost you only $2,79.

There is one more opportunity to save on Costco Deli by ordering in bulk. This can be of great value if you are going to cook something special for an upcoming event. In average, the prices will vary from $29.99 to $39.99 for a small party of several people.

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Chicken Bake
chicken breast, cheese, bacon, caesar dressing
Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich
oven browned turkey, provolone, red onions, tomatoes, basil garlic, mayo on a toasted torta roll
Italian Sausage Sandwich
with roasted peppers & onions
1/3 Pound Cheeseburger $4.99
1/4 Pound Hot Dog
All Beef
& 20 o.z soda (refill)
1 Slice Pizza Combo $1.99
18 Inch Whole Pizza Combo $9.95
Chicken Caesar Salad $3.99
Fruit Smoothie
4 servings of fruit
Latte/Mocha Freeze $1.45
Twisted Churro $1.00
20 o.z soda
with refill
Atlantic Salmon Fillet $8.99
Steelhead Fillet $7.49
Tilapia Fillets $4.99
Tiger Shrimp $11.06
Pork Loin Back $2.49
Pork Louis Ribs $2.25
Boneless Pork Shoulder $1.77
Beef Short Ribs $6.37
Rack of Lamb $8.98
Lamb Legs Boneless $4.52
Boneless Skinless Breast $2.78
Wings $2.78
Beef Loin New York Steak $5.99
Lamb Rib Roast (Imported) $9.99
Beef Rib Eye Vacuum Packaged $7.99
Beef Rib Eye Boneless $10.59
Beef Loin Tenderloin Vacuum Packaged $10.29
Mequite Seasoned Wings & Drums $4.99
Rotisserie chicken (3 lbs) $4.99
Vegetable Platter low fat dressing (4 lbs) $9.99
Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl (3 lbs)
Dry Rub Ribs St. Louis Style $2.99
Chicken Wings with Garlic Pepper Seasoning $2.79
Boneless Skinless Breast $2.79
Shrimp Platter
serves 20 – 24
Chicken & Swiss Roller
serves 20 – 24
Sandwich Platter $29.99
Meat & Cheese Platter
serves 16 – 20
Roasted Chicken Swiss Roller Platter
20 – 24
Shrimp Platter with Cocktail Sauce
20 -24
Croissant Sandwich Platter
chicken/roast beef/ham
serves 16 – 20

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Costco Food Court Menu

Today, it’s not that easy to find a convenient facility with a decent menu at reasonable Costco food court prices. Costco Deli offers a very diverse menu consisting of various dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and hot dogs in addition to beverages and desserts!

If you came to Costco Deli in order to order nice cuts of meat, seafood, or poultry, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Being available by the pound, you can surely buy as much as needed for your dinner!

Furthermore, there are more than several types of chicken available, namely rotisserie, breasts, wings and drums. In addition, there is also a fine selection of other meats such as pork and lamb that will not leave you cold.

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