Comcast Service Center New York Reviews

Comcast Service Center New York Hours on Weekdays Reviews

Richard Hancock: The service is bad for the money I’m paying. Sometimes I can’t even send a text massage with the iPhone 4s. Comcast Service Center and iPhone 4s put them together is a trash, which I’m stuck for two years. They charge $350 for cancellation for the phone because they are not good. Please Comcast Service Center give me a better service for my money. And Apple, stop making a 3G phone. I’m sure the other phone company is working on the 5G. I know you’re thinking about the 4G.

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Comcast Service Center New York Hours on Black Friday Reviews

Chad Walton: I decided to switch carriers from Comcast Service Center to T-Mobile and paid off my phone, no balances owed. I got a new T-Mobile SIM card today and went through the Comcast Service Center web instructions in requesting an unlock code. To my disappointment, I was emailed it would take 48 hours to provide the code. For a multi-billion dollar corporation I found this to be unacceptable. I called Comcast Service Center customer support and told them I would be out of a phone (Service) for 2 days if I have to wait that long. They including the supervisor could do nothing to expedite the process. I find it appalling Comcast Service Center can quickly activate a new line for a new customer but someone who has given them years of business and paid every dime, would take 2 days to unlock a phone. Very disappointed.

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Comcast Service Center New York Hours Today Reviews

Ken Rice: I am heartbroken and sad! I have had Comcast Service Center wireless for most of my adult life. I had always been happy with it all and have felt a tie to the company. My mother worked for Comcast Service Center for several years before she died, and they even named a cell phone tower in her honor.

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