Comcast Service Center Louisiana Reviews

Comcast Service Center Louisiana Closing Hours Reviews

Elvin Robinson: A little too expensive for the service but if I go to the physical store, service is very satisfactory. If I call in, forget it, not very good service at all. Also, (biggest complaint) their billing sucks. I have to "call in" almost monthly to get my bill corrected (Same with the UVerse or DirecTV) and they usually get things straight in the end, but I don’t like calling in and for sure every month.

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Comcast Service Center Louisiana Operating Hours Reviews

Winfred Hard: I absolutely love Comcast Service Center. They have always worked with us about every aspect of the service. Excellent communication and caring staff. Helped me with plans, new phones, ability to pay and service questions. I have been with Comcast Service Center for about 12 years now and I have no intentions on leaving this company or accepting some other companies’ schemes to get you to leave your provider and then, next thing you know your bill is not what you wanted or what you agreed to.

Joel Hubbard: Comcast Service Center my phone works everywhere. Simply the best. I highly recommend them as a provider for phone, TV, Internet.

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Comcast Service Center Louisiana Hours on Columbus day Reviews

Agnes Burke: I cannot even get a phone with Comcast Service Center. They canceled my order cause they could not find my DIRECTV account. When I call them they have my account and phone number but I still cannot sign into or register my account cause the computer cannot find my account. So what do think about that. I even told them I was having trouble but they don’t hear me. They go create a account I cannot cause it skips my phone number and account number out. They have not fixed it yet and it’s been 5 days. And that is my problem.

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