Arby’s Ohio Reviews

Reviews of Arby’s Ohio Hours on Columbus day

Caroline Wells: When it comes to Thai food, I go nowhere else, but here! This is me and hubby’s favorite date night restaurant. Hands down. We always order our usual, appetizer: angel wings, mango or avocado salad, main entree: shrimp pad thai, & dessert I love the sticky mango with fried rice or roti…It is BOMB! Dining here never disappoints me. I even took my parents here and they were impressed. It’s really cramped up though, on a busy night, I just wish they could expand the place, but all in all, their customer service is excellent always refilling my water when needed, lol..and asking if everything is okay! 5 stars. =)

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Arby’s Ohio Hours on Black Friday Reviews

Robert Matthews: I came from Thailand to study in New York and went to San Francisco for vacation before my University starts. Thinking of wanting to eat Thai food, I visited Arby’s at Irving St. to have dinner there with my family. The food did not take too long to be served. The Thai food taste actually really good there.  As far as eating in different Thai restaurants, I feel Arby’s Thai’s food have the closet taste of the Thai food back home. I tried the soup called "Poh Taek", and it makes me think of the taste in Thailand. I also like the fried noodle cook with duck (I don’t remember the name of the dish but its no.44 if I’m correct). The decorations in the restaurant are nice and cozy too. I would recommend you this restaurant if you visit San Francisco.

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Arby’s Ohio Hours Today Reviews

Phil Logan: Food is delicious, have had soft shell crab and mango salad, potstickers with green curry, and prok belly The cury is more like a perfume it’s amazing. MY favorite thai place. Staff is very friendly, good service.

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