Albertsons Pharmacy Kansas Reviews

Albertsons Pharmacy Kansas Hours Today Reviews

Holly McCormick: It has taken me longer to write this review than it did for Camilla at Albertsons Pharmacy to address and efficiently resolve my concern over a lost item from the previous day of shopping.  Give that girl a bonus.

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Albertsons Pharmacy Kansas Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Matilda Shaw: I really like their shoes and clothes. I can find some good deals here. And it’s not just clothes. Albertsons Pharmacy also carries stuff for your home decor needs.  A lot of attractive items on that front and I can find some good finds there as well.

Brad Lord: This place is great to get your everyday things at low prices, talk to friendly employees, and -best of all- indulge in coffee goodness. It’s great to run boring errands then at the very end relax with a drink.

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Albertsons Pharmacy Kansas Closing Hours Reviews

Gerald Walters: If there is a "neighborhood" – type Albertsons Pharmacy store anywhere, this is one.  Was in the area running errands and stopped in to look at some things they had and was not surprised to see lots of customers in the store, everyone buying things, and a minimum of incidents that sometimes happen in these department – type stores on any given day.  Found what I was looking for and continued on my way – this has been my experience since going into Albertsons Pharmacy  some time ago:  Whatever you need at the time, they seem to have and it turns out to be in stock.  This store is not a "super" Albertsons Pharmacy, as in town such things might not really be possible, though the parking lots allow for a larger customer crowd in the store.  A difficult location for a new store like this, though the place should do well.  Great; the best!

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