Walmart Pharmacy Hours And Locations

Walmart Pharmacy Hours And Locations

Walmart Pharmacy Hours

The first thing that attracts millions of customers to Walmart Pharmacy is their affordable prices. The pharmacy offers a handy tool notifying you when you need to pick up or drop off prescriptions. Please, get familiar with the operating hours below.

Despite of locations, the operating hours usually follow the same pattern with long operating hours during the weekdays and reduced operating hours at the weekend.

In most of the locations, WP opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm from Monday to Friday. The Pharmacy inside Walmart works two hours less on Saturday and four hours less on Sunday.

Thus, on Saturday they open at 9 am as usual, but closes a bit earlier at 7 pm. On Sunday, the store starts operating at 10 am and remains open up to 6 pm.

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Walmart Pharmacy Locations

Walmart Pharmacy Store Locator

Apply the official Walmart Store Finder in order to detect the closest Walmart Pharmacy locations and its operating hours. Go directly to and find the store locator on the start page. Enter your zip code and city, so all the nearby locations will be displayed within several seconds. Apart from the operating time, you’ll be able to check their address, contact info, and even more.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a great alternative to the official Store Finder. Use “Walmart Pharmacy” as a search input. When all the available locations are displayed, select an individual store to check its schedule. Their address and contact info will be available as well.

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 Walmart Pharmacy Mobile App 

Most of the customers prefer to use the official app that can be installed to on any kind of mobile devices. This app contains the most relevant information on the schedule and locations, so you can manage your meds anytime.

Thanks to this app, you can also refill prescriptions and save some money. In addition, you can find a list of all the $4 prescriptions, apply guest refills, transfer/manage prescriptions and some other opportunities. Walmart Pharmacy phone number of each store can be easily detected with the official version of the mobile app.

Of course, the time of operation may be different from location to locations. For that reason, it’s smart to use this tool to find the exact hours of operation for any city and state.

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