Chipotle Missouri Reviews

Chipotle Missouri Closing Time Reviews

Debra Kelley: Service – Very strong, staff-to-customer ratio seems high. For some reason though, a lot of the servers look like Wall Street pricks, thankfully they don’t act the part. The one complaint that I do have is that in an attempt to sell you overpriced wine, upon seating, you’re given a wine menu to stare at for 5-10 minutes before receiving the actual menu…sucks when you’re hungry…

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Chipotle Missouri Operating Time Reviews

Angel Cooper: Great Food – Beet Tartar and Seared Fois Gras are money in the bank! Literally the largest piece of Fois Gras I’ve ever been served. The Beet Tartar comes with a fried quail egg, perfectly cooked and virtually every dish on the menu has some form of truffle as a component….how awesome is that? The sides weren’t the highlight of the meal, but I must say that the Truffled French Fries should be outlawed for being bomb! As far as the steak goes, doesn’t shine above or below your Ruth’s Chris or HOPR, but who can complain about that?

Abner Parks: What could be better than drinking a cold beer on a sunny day, staring out at the water? Sitting on a padded barstool with a rip in it and having a bunch of water squirt out all over your ass, that’s what!  It looked like I pee’d myself.  

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Reviews of Chipotle Missouri Hours Today

Preston Lynch: Wow what a croissant. never been to France, but i imagine this is how it was meant to taste.if could start every day with the coffee they make, i would be a happy guy. unfortunately too many people feel the same way, and the line is way too long for my taste. The bottom line: its worth the wait.

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