Chick fil A Colorado Reviews

Chick fil A Colorado Hours on New Year’s Eve Reviews

Eric Arlington: I go for breakfast, sparkling wine, French Toast or eggs Benedict and a cup a coffee. My pug puppy gets "treats" from the chef when we sit outside. The last time we went he pulled a Houdini and ran straight in the restaurant looking for his treat! There where no dog lovers in the bistro that day and I had to peel him off a scared women’s leg. The Chef promptly came out with a Neiman Ranch bacon treat for Rupert. Now every time I walk through south park he pulls like a sled dog to get to the butler & the chef.

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Chick fil A Colorado Hours on Weekend Reviews

Sam Hawkins: The food’s delicious (love the yellow and mussamun (sp?) curry, pad-see-ew especially) and the service is pretty awesome. I know there’s been some bad reviews about the service, but that’s really confusing to me… every time I’ve been here, they’re always quick to order and ask if we need anything, and check in. They’re so friendly and nice, and they seem to fill up your water after each sip. What amuses me is sometimes there’s a lady who will ask "how is everything" then keep walking without waiting for a response, lol, like she has just been programmed to say that.

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Chick fil A Colorado Closing Hours Reviews

Bruce Doolittle: This place was referred by a local to us. Pretty seedy area but great place to eat for breakfast. The line up was about an hour but worth it. The pancakes are beautiful and the service was great. That poor guy carrying the dishes out the back felt like giving him a hand. Would go back again.

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