Chick fil A Alabama Reviews

Chick fil A Alabama Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Michael Reed: Tiny place, but amazing sushi! I love the macadamia nuts, the jalapeno! It is very inventive and very tasty! But… it is very small with a big wait. I went on a Monday night and a table for 2 (actually sushi bar seats) took over an hour!

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Chick fil A Alabama Hours on Black Friday Reviews

Helen Dickenson: Okay after reading all the yelp reviews, I had to check this place out and I absolutely LOVED it. Regardless of all the disappointed yelpers who OBVIOUSLY never worked a day in a restaurant and want to talk smack on this fresh idea there. The decor is great and the themed names are quite fitting to the central idea of the place. I found the staff quite pleasant and rather professional for the packed crowd that seemed to trickle in. The food is quite amazing especially the pork sliders and fried chicken. My friend had the pot pie and that was quite delicious. As for the drinks….keep bringing the greyhounds. I loved the fresh squeezed grapefruit. Also it can get crowded, but then again as the nice hostess pointed out, it has only been open for 5 days. I definitely can’t wait to bring more friends to this place.

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Chick fil A Alabama Hours on Sunday Reviews

Peter Trump: Best Sushi I’ve had in town, fins down! Innovative and Very Tasty Combinations. A very modest and high quality place! Yeah, yeah – the wait is terrible and causes you to grow long white beards but if you can muster an ounce of patience, it is worth the wait. My advice is to order a big beer when you walk in the door and bring some reading material. Please dont talk on your cell phone in there while you wait. Not cool

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