BJ’s Wyoming Reviews

BJ’s Wyoming Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Chris Newton: Interesting small shop with a variety of chocolates and other stuff which looked like plates.  I purchased roasted Madagascan cocao beans with brushed cocoa and a Belgian dark chocolate bar.  The cocao beans were bitter as they were suppose to be.  Their chocolates are unique and not the average you could easily find around.  Pricey.

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BJ’s Wyoming Hours on New Year’s Eve Reviews

Duce Hicks: The very best chocolates from all over the world! There is every thing from chili chocolates from New Mexico, to the most incredible Caramel you have ever had- with Grey sea salt! There is plenty for vegan choco-holics and fair trade, organic. a wide variety of high cooa content chocolates- many  100% bars. Something for every one. There is a white chocolate with cinnamon and chili that will change your life FOREVER! Jack, who owns the place is an awesome guy- he makes handmade Cyano-type tins. it is a rare form of old photography- its a beautiful blue color- he will make custom (your photo)  boxes (either wood or tin) with Japanese paper on the  sides. it is worth a trip across town to visit this store! Open every day! we are hoping that he gets in Vegan marshmallow products, but even still BJ’s gets 5 stars! this place ROCKS!

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Reviews of BJ’s Wyoming Working Time

Audra Dalton: I love this place.  I mean the stickers in the window drew me in.  It says "Man is the new Woman".  Also doesn’t hurt that these pees carry SF LOCAL MADE WARE too.  Mama clothing,  Free Gold Watch just to name a couple.  The stairs going to the top is a bit sketchy but FUK IT…..  Also I left my cellie on the table by accident and they held it for me…  They didn’t even check my voicemails like I do when someone leaves a phone at my bar….  LOL  j/k……….

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