BJ’s Arizona Reviews

Reviews of BJ’s Arizona Working Hours

Mary Spikes: Great staff!! Showed us new toys that we loved.. They informed us with a lot of info.. Tips to people.. Sometimes your credit card will deny the transaction cause of their business.. So I recommend cash

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BJ’s Arizona Closing Time Reviews

Ronald Greer: This is the kind of place you’re eager to tell all your friends about. Beautiful furniture and at prices that will sometimes shock you… In a good way! We have been looking for a sturdy unique coffee table for some time now and we found it right away when we came in. I took a couple pictures of things I liked and called the next day and bought them over the phone! We heard about the San Francisco store after visiting the one in San Rafael. Bill, the owner is really nice and knowledgeable about the furniture and Sam,  the store manager was amazing. Offered us some sparkling water while we shopped and helped me with options on delivering the furniture I purchased. I will be stopping by frequently to see what treasures they have next. A must see!

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BJ’s Arizona Hours on Christmas Eve Reviews

Samuel Robertson: Last Tuesday at noon I went to check out a new mattress on the seventh floor.  Only one sales person was on duty, comfortably esconced at his corner desk chatting on the telephone .  During my twenty  minute perusal of the mattress inventory I was never so much as acknowledged, ‘tho I was the only visitor in the department for all but four or five minutes as a couple briefly cruised through.  I had a concert to attend and had to leave, meanwhile my hero was still engaged in his telephone conversation. Later that afternoon I found what I was looking for at a Mattress only store on Geary Blvd.  This was a fairly typical experience with BJ’s and why I rarely visit the store.

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