BB&T Connecticut Reviews

BB&T Connecticut Reviews

Bruce Hughes: Jim at BB&T helped me again this year set up my group medical insurance plan for my employees. He is one of the best brokers I have dealt with in the business. I will definitely continue to use him for years to come. He is light years ahead of his competitors in industry knowledge, leveraging his carrier connections and utilizing technology to service all businesses and individuals. In addition, I love knowing that my employees are taken care of whenever they have a claim issue or need assistance reviewing benefits. Benefit Agents picks up the phone every call by the second ring. Thank you BB&T for your exceptional customer service!

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BB&T Connecticut Reviews

Jessica Walter:  had to utilize BB&T twice, and both times provided amazing results.  They ttained the unattainable.  Its not hype, I offer this review based on RESULTS.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to repair the dings in their report, due to whatever reason.  They’re  fair, they make no guarantees, but it amazed me both times when they came through with great results.  The second time around, I honestly started giving up hope, but they didn’t. They kept on task, and fixed my credit.  I’m so grateful for his service.

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Reviews of BB&T Connecticut

Howard Skyhawk: I would NOT Do any business with them. Rude phone manner when I called 415-677-5979 and simply say that I have a question. This rude dude reply by saying: "First, you need to tell me who are you"  You start by saying first? DUDE take a chill pill ! Ass hole!  like I say, I have a question. Doesn’t matter who I am, I maybe a future client and  just have a simple question.

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