Bank of America Nevada Reviews

Bank of America Nevada Schedule Reviews

Ruth Bradley: Dorothy is the best!  Been going to her for years for my tax prep.  She asks all the pertinent questions, I do my homework, then she cranks it out fast.  Also went to her to run a financial scenario before considering a real estate purchase.  She saved me from a potentially catastrophic blunder.  I recommend her to all my friends.

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Bank of America Nevada Hours of Operation Reviews

Arlene Goodman: Michael has been my insurance agent for 6 years & my friend for 8 years. Normally I don’t like doing business with people I am close to, but he is the exception.  He has written insurance policies for my cars, businesses and this year (2007) rental insurance.   He is the best in terms of customer service. He has worked hard to get me the best rates, and is honest.  What can I say, I could not ask for more in an insurance agent.  Robert is also a SF native.  Stay local!

Egbert Arnold: Bank of America saved the day for me several years ago when I needed some quick insurance help. Since then I’ve been a loyal customer obtaining several different kinds of insurance through their agency.  They are helpful to the MAX. Their customer service can’t be beat.  I’m a total fan!

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Jessica Hilton: It took me way to long to find these wonderful women!  I am over 60 and really want to retire…but not as a poor person!  Ralph and Jane worked with me to assess my current spending, and to give me the tools to figure out what I could do and how I could do it.   I liked what they did so much, I figured I would just let them do it. So now I really have no worries and let them manage my assets and arrange my financial life.  And they require me to stay informed and educated, so even if I wanted to flake out, I can’t.

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