Babies R Us Rhode Island Reviews

Babies R Us Rhode Island Schedule Reviews

Rosalyn Elliot: Babies R Us is an interesting place. They offer a good selection overall of a lot of trendy, cool, stuff . . . but in some areas where they were once strong, such as new adidas sneaks, they have become lackluster. Also, they seem to run out of stuff quickly, probably due to not ordering enough of the product in enough sizes in the first place. Their housewares are downright silly. However, it’s a fun atmosphere and often you’ll find something you’ll fancy.

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Babies R Us Rhode Island Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Matilda Parker: Definitely very overrated. Most of their products can be made at home EASILY with just a little bit of the do-it-yourself spirit, for a fraction of the price. But it’s still fun to browse around to see what’s up in the world of indie-kid fashion or to take mental notes on how to recreate those dangly earrings. I just wouldn’t recommend wasting too much money there.

Coleen Bradley: Great December window display! My family never really noticed this store before- and now my son is obsessed with the train display. It certainly prompted us to go in and check out the fine shoe selection.

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Reviews of Babies R Us Rhode Island Working Hours

Grace Ward: While the store aesthetic is very beautiful, the pricing of the products are outrageous. The quality and the pricing do not match and could easily be bought somewhere else for a cheaper price. Other than that being said, there are a lot of small cute items that are hard to find and is honestly worth paying for because you may not be able to find it anywhere else. Overall, it’s not worth the hassle to driving downtown in hectic traffic unless you want the cliché teen look.

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