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Hilda West: I can not say enough wonderful things about this music program. My son was enrolled in a number of music activities for nearly two years before he went to full-time preschool. His teachers were all amazing. This is not an “I am so embarrassed, get me out of here” kids music class.

Mike Johnson: The songs and lyrics are unique and fun, the teachers are charming and full of energy, and all the kids (and parents) are having a good time. There are lots of hands-on activities and instruments for the young ones, movement is led by the teachers and not cheesy, and kids of all ages (from the little babies to toddlers) are engaged. I’ve been to a few kids’ music programs in San Francisco – this one is by far the best. Thanks, and keep up the brilliant work, Margaret!

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Linda Singleton: Magic – daily events for players of all levels. You can find seasoned players here as well as brand new players. The community is patient and great for newbies or kids. Furthermore, they will buy your cards at reasonable prices as well!

Crystal Maxwell: Cool, unique and fun. I shop and browse here with my kids, but I get a kick out of this great place. It is not a typical cookie cutter toy store. You are brought back to a simpler time; fun for the imagination.

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Robert Trump: I’ve come across lots of worthy things here. Highly recommend.

Ann Walters: If you’re looking for something really valuable and practical for your toddler, Babies R Us is the right place.

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